The Do's and Don'ts of Radiator Heater Safety


When it's cold and the winter months are upon us, we're looking for a way to get warmer. Oil-filled radiator heaters are the perfect solution. They're safe and effective, providing ample warmth in the areas you need it most.

How safe are these heating systems? These heating units are extrememly safe. They operate by warming up a special heat-conserving oil. The oil is then circulated throughout the coils of the radiator and spread into the room.  

One way this heating system can be considered safe is that the unit doesn't rise to an extraordinary temperature like infrared options. It stays cool even as it warms the room. 

Another reason this heating system can be considered safe is because most models include a tip over safety switch that shuts the unit if it's knocked over.

Furthermore, most models feature automatic shut off.  This shuts the unit off if it gets to hot. It's an important protective feature to keep the unit from overheating. 

There aren't any exposed or visible heating elements and the oil never needs to be replaced. It's secured safely inside a sealed container. It'll never leak so it'll never come in contact with an outside source. In addition, many models have safety covers which prevent children and pets from touching the heater out of hand.  

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission there are ways to use a space heater safely. Below are a few heater do's and don'ts so you can use your heating system safely and effectively.

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The Do's of Radiator Heating

The Don'ts of Radiator Heating


Staying Warm and Safe

Following manufacturer guidelines for use and a few simple safety suggestions makes using this heating option a great isea. There's no reason to worry about how safe they are because new models include features that make them extrememly safe.

So go ahead and use one knowing they're a great resource. They spot heat anywhere you want them to, and they're compact, lightweight, and portable so you can move it from room to room as needed. Place this heating unit anywhere you need a little extra warmth and enjoy!


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