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How are electric baseboard heaters different from other heaters?

Baseboard heaters are silent, inexpensive, and safe. Since electric baseboard heaters heat the room through convection (or the circulation of air in a room to provide heat without the use of a fan), the units remain quiet. The safety thermal cutout protection turns off the electric heater in case of overheating, and the auto-safety reactivates the heater once the temperature returns to normal. Most of our baseboard heaters are thoroughly tested and ETL- or UL-listed.

How do electric baseboard heaters work?

Electric heaters use convection to circulate the air. The heating element of the portable baseboard heater forces cold air to the bottom of the room while maintaining warmth in the air that rises from the baseboard heater. This allows the electric heater to draw in the cold air that has been pushed down by the warmed air. The baseboard heater repeats the process until the thermostat reaches the set temperature.

How large of an area can an electric baseboard heater heat?

Most of our electric baseboard heaters range from 500 watts to 1500 watts in power, which heats about 50 - 150 square feet!

How do most people use electric baseboard Heaters?

Electric baseboard heaters do require duct work to be installed, but they're perfect for room additions and other places where supplemental heating is needed. An electric baseboard heater can be easily used in bedrooms and frequently occupied closed rooms where it would be more practical to heat than the whole house. These heaters are also very easy to install, and some do not require mounting at all (these are called freestanding baseboard heaters).

Overall, an electric baseboard heater is a great unit to buy if you want a heater that's easy to maintain.  The heating element inside our electric baseboard heaters have no moving parts and therefore need very little maintenance. Upkeep of these units mostly consists of removing the dust and lint from the grill of the heater. 

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