Choosing the Perfect Electric Heater

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Most people prefer to use electric heaters because they are inexpensive to buy and they don't emit carbon monoxide like fuel heaters. However, there are many different types of electric heaters to choose from, and the process of choosing one can be quite confusing. Read our electric heater FAQ or our heater buying guide for more information about electric heaters.


Space Heaters:
Space heaters are perfect for heating smaller areas or specific rooms. They provide many different types of heat, including radiant, micathermic and ceramic heating technologies. Space heaters are often used to direct heat to one specific area, and they are quiet, so they won't disturb your surroundings. For more information, read the space heater FAQ or view our selection of space heaters on our space heater buying guide.


Baseboard Heaters:
Many people prefer baseboard heaters for bedrooms because they are portable, low profile, and very safe . Baseboard heaters use convection to provide heat to a room without a fan, so they are extremely quiet . They are easily installed and also very easy to maintain! Additionally, these heaters provide safety features such as overheat protection to prevent any safety hazards. Read the baseboard heater FAQ for more information or view our selection of baseboard heaters .


Garage Heaters:
For heating in areas that aren't insulated enough to retain heat, garage heaters are the perfect solution. These heaters function as spot heaters to help you warm up areas that are 150 to 560 square feet in size! They can be mounted on the wall or placed on the floor, but they should still point to the objects or people that need to be warmed. Because garage heaters offer higher outputs of heat in large spaces, they are perfect for warming up garages and work areas. Read the garage heater FAQ for more information or view our selection of garage heaters.


Infrared Heaters:
Infrared heaters are very popular for home and office heating applications because they are silent and extremely efficient . Instead of heating air, they directly heat the objects in front of them with warmth that is similar to the sun's rays! Thus, these heaters promote blood circulation and healing while they save you money! Read the infrared heater FAQ for more information or view our selection of infrared heaters.


Oil-Filled Heaters:
Radiator heaters are great for heating rooms, but many can also fit under desks or on top of table tops for more efficient heating. These heaters feature a special type of oil that is warmed, never burned, to maintain a flow of safe and silent heat. Thus, oil-filled heaters never need to have their oil replaced, making them extremely easy to maintain . Many radiator models are extremely portable and can be taken from room to room with almost no hassle! Read the radiator heater FAQ for more information or view our selection of oil-filled radiator heaters.


Fireplace Heaters:
The next best alternative to a real wood-burning fire, electric fireplace heaters offer the beauty and aesthetics provided by a real fire without any of the mess ! These heaters are extremely stylish with their lifelike logs and flame sets, and - best of all - they only cost a few cents per hour to operate! They also feature a flame-only option for year-round use ! Read the electric fireplace heater FAQ for more information or view our selection of electric fireplace heaters.

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