3 Ways to Save Money with a Portable Heater!


During the cold months, energy bills tend to skyrocket. Running a central heating unit can be extremely costly, and improper use of smaller, more portable models can also take up a large portion of your energy bill.

Learn how to stay comfortable and warm through the cold months without having to waste too much money on gas heating. There are number of options that are efficient and keep you exceptionally warm too!

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Heater Types and Which is the Most Efficient One for You

Efficiency is based on how much energy the heating unit draws from the power source. It's also based on how much ebnergy is actually used. Electric heating systems are 100% efficient as allthe nergy used is tunred in to heat.

Most options include efficient features designed to save you money too. Look for heat settings, what type of heat it produces: widespread or focused, and automatic climate control.

It's important to choose one with a thermostat so it will shut off when the desired room temperature is reached. This will save you money overtime and prevent the unit from running excessively.

Choosing a heating option is like choosing a sofa. It needs to fit your lifestyle, and it should also meet the needs of your home.

Ceramic Room Heaters

Oil-Filled Radiator Heaters

Infrared Heaters

Sizing Your Heater to Meet Your Needs


Did you know that choosing the right sized unit can really make a difference in your energy costs? To choose the right one you must do the following:

Optimizing Your Heater's Airflow Can Result in Energy Savings


Optimizing airflow means that all energy draw is used. Why run a heater that's not warming an area properly? To optimize airflow it's important to do the following:

It's easy to save money with a portable heating system. Just by following a few simple tips your heating unit can be an effective and efficient resource that will put money in the bank over the course of the year.

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