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Man Cave Heating with a Garage Heater

What do you use your man cave for? Do you use it to fix and sell muscle cars? Is it a home gym, or is it a place for you to kick back and take in college football? Whatever you use it for you might want a little extra heating on a chilly summer night or a cold winter day. 

Usually central heating systems aren't connected to the garage because they aren't insulated enough to retain the heat. So if you want to spend a little time in your man cave without freezing, add a garage heater to your decor.

There are a lot of heating options for you to choose from. All are effective and will not only decorate your man cave but turn it into a much warmer place.  



Sports Bar

If you love the feel of a sports bar and your man cave brings the sports bar atmosphere home, then try warming this space with a portable electric shop heater.

Decorate the space with an option that fits right into the sports bar theme and enjoy a warmer atmosphere too.

An electric shop heater provides enough heat warm a 400 sq. ft. area. They're easy to move around and set up too, so placing it near the pool table on the bar or any other area

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Luxury Resort

If you're creating a retreat, a home away from home where you can relax and enjoy quiet solitude then consider an electric fireplace.

Electric fireplaces are effective, they add decorative flair to a luxury space and they can be wall mounted, placed in a corner, or house all your media.

Whether you're creating a mountain cabin feel or a beach get-away, an electric fireplace is a great way to increase the warmth and make you feel like you've truly escaped the daily grind.  


Muscle Car Mania

If you're using your man cave as aplace to rebuild muscle car then you need a sturdy and durable option to keep your space warm. Rebuild that engine with an electric garage heater to keep you warm.

Look for one with a large coverage area, and tough enough to withstand a rugged environment.

Also select a heating system that can be wall or ceiling mounted, so you can feel the warmth and keep it out of the way. This keeps floor space free and eliminates any accidental tipping.


Games and Music

If your man cave is all about pin ball games and music then think about installing a bright metal heater that fits right into the pinball wizard theme. 

Enjoy 400-500 sq. ft. of coverage, mount it on the ceiling or wall, or set it in the corner.

It fits right into your room decor and provides enough heating to warm the entire area.

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Movies and Popcorn

Do use your man cave to screen movies? Are you inviting your buddies over to watch the latest release and much out on popcorn?

If so then you might need to add extra warmth to the atmosphere. Watch the latest film in style and stay warm while you do it.

Choose an option that combines radiant heating with fan-forced technology that warms your immediate area quickly and quietly then spreads it around the room effectively.

A Couple More Ideas

Look for a garage heating system that offers a fan only feature too, so you can keep the space cooler in the summertime.  

You want to enjoy your man cave all year long and doing so might requiring some form of cooling as well as heating.

Keeping one of the most important rooms in the home feeling great with a personal heating option.

Common features to look for are:

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