Top 5 Reasons to Use a Space Heater

Since the oil crisis of the 1970s, many households have begun installing low-cost heating systems to conserve energy. 

And now, with the environment on everyone's mind, people are more aware of energy conservation than ever before.

Everyone wants to reduce the carbon footprint and one way to do it is with a space heater. In situations where only one room is to be warmed or when supplemental heating is needed, they can be cost-effective and energy efficient.

Unlike central heating systems which warm many connected spaces at once, portable units are designed to warm one room at a time.

For this reason, a space heating system is a great way to keep warm and reduce energy costs. Other great reasons to use one is that they:

More Reasons to Use a Space Heater:

Supplies localized heating where you need it

Portable heating systems are great at warming any specified area. Direct the heater where you need the most warmth and it's guaranteed to make you feel comfortable in minutes.

Less costly than running a furnace

It can get expensive to run a wall furnace or even a central heating system. Why spend money trying to keep areas warm ineffectively or heat spaces that aren't in use? Using a single room heater to warm one room at a time is sensible and cost effective.

Warm evenly

Enjoy optimized room heating that's effective. This heating system spreads warmth evenly around the room, so it's easy to warm a single space and feel comfortable.  

Run quietly

Most option are quiet. even if the heater is fan forced, it isn't so loud that it'll disrupt your activities. It's easy to rest, watch T.V. and talk on the phone with one of these heating units running. In a home office you can conduct business without any disruptive noise.

Inexpensive to purchase

Most models cost no more than $50.00. Some can cost more and some less. Basically, you invest what you want, but no matter what you choose it won't cost you nearly as much as it might cost you to run a central system or wall furnace.

For Your Safety

space-heater-safety image 1

Space heaters add warmth to just about any area and provide instant comfort, but everyone's concerned with the safety of a space heating system.

Used properly and according to manufacturer instructions, these units can be extremely safe. Consider these tips from the Office of Compliance Safety and Health:

Things to keep away from the heater:

Following a few simple safety precautions, following mufacturers instructions for setup and use, and choosing a heating option with built in safety features will go along way to making any heating system you choose safe and effective.

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