Air Heater Gift Giving Guide

Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, and Cyber Monday is when millions of shoppers flock to stores and seek online retailers in the hopes of snagging some holiday season discounts or killer deals.

Perhaps you were one of those waiting in the cold, dark night - clutching onto that last electric towel warmer, stuffing smaller space heaters to the bottom of your cart away from thieving hands, or standing 45 minutes in line to purchase a new Dimplex electric fireplace stove - your iron grip never slack. Perhaps you decided to forgo the chaos and stay snug in bed. Or you waited to make the mad dash in cyber space.

Either way, there's no doubt you still love a good bargain. The good news is: there's a way to continue saving all year long and it doesn't involve midnight excursions to the mall.

It's simple, when you shop for an air heater don't forget to purchase energy efficient products for savings all year 'round!

Air Heater Savings

When you're crossing friends and family off your shopping list, don't discount necessities as boredom. Nothing could be more thoughtful than giving the person you care for the gift of a warm, comfortable home.

If Grandma's fingers are too cold to turn the page on her Kindle, you might want to rethink your gift list. Energy efficient electronics and appliances are easy to spot - just look for the blue ENERGY STAR® logo or EnergyGuide labels.

Many air heater technologies, such as infrared or micathermic, are highly energy efficient. Portable and low-watt air heater units are perfect examples of ways to continue saving.

Even propane air heaters save money thanks to a pre-paid system that never brings unexpected monthly charges.

We know that the holiday season can be hectic, so we've done all the hard work for you and compiled a list. Below are some cool air heater options to tantalize your generous, gift-giving senses. These energy-efficient warm air heaters are great because they're not only functional, but fun and stylish, too.

Our gift list is arranged by price - enjoy and remember that an air heater is the gift that keeps on giving!

Frugal Fred Air Heater Gift Ideas

H4110S 155 Type: Portable Radiant Air Heater

Name:Optimus H4110S

Gift-able Qualities: Small, lightweight, portable, and accompanied with a modern design. Best of all, this infrared air heater provides instant warmth so you don't waste any energy. Grandma never has to wait to warm-up again.

ESH 155

Type: Low-Watt Portable Air Heater

Name: Indus Tool ESH Eco-Save

Gift-able Qualities: If you have a concerned environmentalist in the family, look no further than the Eco-Save portable space air heater! The ultra-efficient design mimics the globe your recycling niece or nephew crusades for and even offers a fan-only function to help them survive those climate-changing summers.

8945 155 Type: Portable Electric Air Heater

Name:Air King 8945

Gift-able Qualities: Perfect for any King of the Castle, this lightweight little air heater weighs only 5 pounds. Its functional design practically yells, "I'm rugged and masculine in so many ways!" Perfect for man caves, offices, or workshops with a complimentary built-in thermostat.

TT 155 Type: Deluxe Footrest Air Heater

Name:Indus Tool TT

Gift-able Qualities: Does the man or woman in your life have cold feet? Try warming them up, then asking your question, with this ergonomically designed air heater. Using gentle radiant heat, this foot warmer saves energy and offers versatility.

Mid-Range Marge Air Heater Gift Ideas

HGW-308R 155 Type: Micathermic Wall Mountable Air Heater

Name:Soleus HGW-308R

Gift-able Qualities: A very cool way to heat up a room, this air heater uses micathermic technology which is silent, energy efficient, and fast. Mount on the wall and enjoy by wireless remote. It won't dry the air out, so you don't need to provide your recipient with a tube of chap stick. No dry lips means your loved one will pucker-up and give you thanks!

U37 155 Type: Electric Convection Air Heater

Name: Dayton U37

Gift-able Qualities: Another great air heater gift for the male gender, this unit has an attractive, athletic design in black with a mesh front. It's perfect for garages, workshops, and man caves - or all three - thanks to a portable size. Since it's mobile, it eliminates the need to heat the whole house. The sport's shoe equivalent of portable air heaters, the Dayton will make him want to Just Do It, whatever it is he has to do.

GWT801B 155 Type: Tabletop Patio Air Heater

Name: Endless Summer GWT801B

Gift-able Qualities: Endless winters are undesirable, but you can give a friend an endless summer with this tabletop propane air heater! Constructed of solid stainless steel, the unit offers adjustable heat to warm them in temperatures ranging from mild chills to frigid frost. Picnics during the fall, winter, and spring seasons just got more enjoyable.

Highroller Bill Air Heater Gift Ideas

williams 155 Type: Portable Infrared Space Heater

Name:Duraflame 10HM4126-O107 Williams

Gift-able Qualities: This is the rich-man's portable air heater: automatic temperature control, an integrated air purification system, digital-touch controls and instant radiant warmth with no thermal heat-loss! Not to mention the handsome, solid wood construction in a Warm Oak finish.

Infinity 155 Type: Stainless Steel Towel Heater

Name:WarmlyYours TW-F10BS-PL Infinity

Gift-able Qualities: If the name WarmlyYours doesn't say "great gift," then nothing will! A very low wattage equals an energy efficient design. This brushed stainless steel towel warmer really is high-end luxury, handing you a warm, snug robe right out of the shower. It's like having a personal butler in your bathroom.

Celeste 155 Type: Electric Stove Air Heater

Name:Dimplex TDS8515TC Celeste

Gift-able Qualities: The celestial qualities of this air heater include low energy consumption, costing you only 8 cents per hour to operate. The antique, shabby-chic design can't be compared, but its flickering flames can be enjoyed year-round with or without heat.

Optimyst 155 Type: Electric Fireplace Air Heater

Name:Dimplex GDSOP-1059GB Rockwell OptiMyst

Gift-able Qualities: Oh-so very sleek and modern, this electric fireplace air heater is a great gift for the ultra-posh lifestyle chaser. They can personalize comfort while saving energy with an integrated thermostat. The high-end design is clean, with pulsating embers, distinctive smoke effect, and 3D flickering flames that won't require bulky glasses to enjoy.

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