Safety in the Bathroom with a Bathroom Wall Heater

We all want to keep our family safe and free from injury whenever possible. Did you know that there are many accidents that happen in the bathroom? Children and the elderly are especially susceptible. They carry a higher risk of accidental falls and drowning. This is a danger that can be avoided. Following a few simple safety tips can make day to day bathing and bathroom use safe.

Safety for Babies

Babies love the bath. For them bath time is playtime, so why not make it a safe and fun experience? offers the following advice to keep your child safe in the bathroom.

MedlinePlus further suggests:

Safety Tips for the Elderly

According to, studies show that nearly one in every three seniors over the age of 65 years old experiences a fall every year. The following statistics suggest that:

Following a few simple safety tips will help keep the elderly person in your life safe.

Things to Invest In

1. Non slip bath mats: This will help keep your feet dry and prevent you from wetting the floor with excess water. Have a towel handy so you can dry off right away. This will prevent any accidental falls.

2. Non slip stickers on the bottom of the shower or tub: It's important to place floor grips in the bottom of the shower or tub. This sticker and/or shower mat prevents the bottom of the shower or tub from feeling slippery.

3. Safety handles and seats if needed: Safety handles are ideal for small children and elderly adults to hold on to. Not only does it help them get in and out of the bath, but it gives them a sense of security when they're in it too.

4. Lighting: Invest in; adequate lighting. The lighting should be effective but not glaring. You want them to see what they're doing without being blinded.

5. A bathroom wall heater: A bathroom wall heater acts as an exhaust fan. It dissipates water and keeps bathroom walls, fixtures, and floors dry. It also prevents chilliness so you can get out of the bath feeling warm and comfortable. Don't catch a winter cold because the bathroom isn't warm enough. A simple bathroom wall heater will help.

Additional Safety Tips to Benefit Everyone

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