5 Great Reasons to Install a Bathroom Wall Heater

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Wall heaters are good for a lot of places. They heat bedrooms, living rooms, and basements easily; but, they're good for another area too, and that's the bathroom.

1. Keeps You Warm

Feeling cold when you get out of the shower? There are ways to get warm quick. One is with a towel warmer that keeps a hot towel ready and waiting, and another is with a bathroom wall heater. This heating system is designed specifically for bathroom use and offers heat settings to keep you perfectly comfortable on a cold day.

When outdoor temperatures get low so do indoor temperatures. Without a central heating system it can be hard to get warm, keep your bathroom feeling great and enjoy winter time bathing when you use a bathroom heater fan to circulate warm air. It only takes a minute or two in themorning to breach cold air buildup and create a comfortable atmosphere.

2. Controls Bathroom Moisture

Eliminate moisture buildup that can lead to mold and mildew growth. Everyone knows that moisture builds up in the bathroom every time you bathe. Using a bathroom heater keeps bathroom walls and floors dry. Not only will you feel warm when you step out of the shower, but it'll help control the growth of harmful bacteria that can destroy the wall's interior and cause allergies.

It's also a costly expense when building material needs replacing because of mildew damage. Gutting a bathroom interior and replacing costly wood framing is an expense everyone wants to avoid.

Create a safe environment too. Because the wall heater cuts through moisture, you can move in and out of the shower without slipping on a wet floor. There will be no need to spray the walls down with mildew remover and scrub the ceiling either. With this heater moisture buildup is completely vanquished.

3. Protects Fixtures

If you invested lots of money in your bathroom fixtures and other decorative items, a wall heater will protect them from any potential damage excessive moisture might cause. Prevent rusting, keep mold and mildew from growing, and increase product longevity.

Using a heater fan in the bathroom helps protect product material. When excessive moisture rests on fixtures like towel racks, lighting,and faucets for extended periods of time, these items start to wear badly. Limescale builds ups. This is damaging and reduces the appearance of fine products and could lead to costly replacements.

4. Inexpensive to Buy and Operate

wallk heater-bathroom-tub

Bathroom heater fans are inexpensive to purchase. The average fan costs from $30-$50 dollars, making it an inexpensive option when it comes to enjoying personal comfort and keeping your bathroom in tip top shape.

More often than not these heaters are economical to operate too. They're low in watts so the energy draw is very little, making them notonly a good environmental choice but a cost effective one too. Keep warm and do it in a low-cost way.

5. Easy Installation

Installing a heater fan in the bathroom is easy. Some are recessed and hardwired into the wall or ceiling and some simply plug into an outlet and hang on the wall. Either way it only takes an hour or two for basic installation.

Most manufacturers include instructions for installation, requiring you to gather only a few tools for the installation process. Once installed, the bathroom heater fan will keep you feeling toasty, protect your bathroom and extend the life of your fixtures.

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