Vornado Electric Heaters Use Patented Vortex Technology to Provide Even Heat!

Vornado Air has been a world leader of air flow technology for many, many years. Bringing you the latest in air flow comfort since the 1940s, Vornado also features innovative vortex action and energy-saving technology to constantly keep you warm and comfortable. Read more about Vornado heaters on ourVornado information guide.

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The original Vornado fans were built in Wichita, Kansas, in the 1940s and '50s by the O.A. Sutton Company. The company's products featured turned-aluminum construction, innovative design and superb performance, all of which contributed to the respectable reputation held by all Vornado products today. Unfortunately, people of the post-World War II decade (wrongly) believed that air conditioners were all they needed and stopped using fans altogether. This, of course, brought to the untimely retirement of the O.A. Sutton Company.

In 1989, Michael C. Coup founded a new Vornado company based in the same location. With its first whole-room air circulator, a significantly higher-tech version of the original Vornado fan, the Vornado brand quickly became known as the leading designer, manufacturer, and supplier of air comfort products. The Vornado line has since expanded to encompass more than 25 models across five distinct comfort categories including air circulators, purifiers, room heaters, room humidifiers and oscillating fans. Recently, the most popular of the Vornado heaters are the all-powerful VH2, the iControl and the DVTH heater. They all bear the name of the most trusted brand in air comfort for more than 50 years: Vornado.

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