DeLonghi Space Heaters: Living Innovation for Your Home

Since the 1950s, De'Longhi has been a manufacturer of heating products. Now a global organization, DeLonghi is a leading innovator when it comes to radiator and ceramic heaters that keep you warm and save you money year-round. Read more about DeLonghi heaters on ourDe'Longhi information guide.

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Special DeLonghi Heater Features

DeLonghi Space Heaters

Since 1975, DeLonghi has been producing its own high-quality, low-cost brand heaters that save you energy and money. All of De'Longhi's heaters offer these special features unique to the brand:

  • Anti-Freeze Operation: All of DeLonghi's heaters offer this option, which keeps your heater's temperature at the minimum level that doesn't waste too much energy. By doing so, De'Longhi heaters are able to prevent the bitterness that comes with the cold. If you just don't want a body part to be so frozen that it becomes numb, this option is perfect for you!
  • Energy Saving Technologies: A DeLonghi heater offers adjustable thermometers and low wattage use to prevent an extremely high increase in your energy bill. The powerful EW7707CM even offers a ComforTemp feature that maintains optimal room temperature recommended by the U.S. Department of Energy, so you obviously won't have to worry about using a temperature that is much too high or much too low.
  • Overheat Feature: If your heater's temperature gets so high that it becomes unsafe, the DeLonghi unit will automatically turn off. This feature keeps your home safe, as well as you and your loved ones. Additionally, the taller heating units actually offer tip-over shut-off features that also help protect your home from accidents.

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