Micathermic Space Heaters

Micathermic heaters combine radiant and convection technologies. This results in evenly distributed heat throughout an entire room or area. Micathermic space heaters don't overheat easily, and they actually heat up faster than conventional heaters. These space heaters will save you money on electriciy costs, too.

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What is a Micathermic Heater?

You may be wondering, "What is a micathermic heater?" The secret behind a micathermic heater's efficiency lies in its heating element. In a traditional space heater, an electric charge is used to excite a metal filament or wire. The generated heat is then forced into the room by means of a fan.

But in a micathermic space heater, the heating element is encased in thin sheets of mica - a type of stone that conducts heat particularly well. As the mica warms up, it generates heat in two ways:

  • Radiant heat - the stone emits electromagnetic waves that warms anything in their path, just like the rays of the sun
  • Convection - air that comes in contact with is warmed naturally. Since heat rises, the warmed air circulates upwards, forcing cooler air down towards the heater, where it's warmed in turn. This continues until a comfortable temperature is reached in the room.

Because the mica used in micathermic space heaters can hold heat for a long time, they use less energy than conventional forced-air heaters - they will keep radiating heat even after the electricity is turned off.

Micathermic Panel Heaters and Micathermic Space Heaters

Because micathermic heating elements are so thin, these heaters can have very slim profiles. A micathermic panel heater can fit right up against a wall, or even hang on the wall so that no floor space is taken up at all.

And because the heating element of a micathermic space heater is encased in stone, the risk of fire or burn injury is greatly reduced. With overheat protection and tip-switches, micathermic space heaters are designed for safety.

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