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Soleus Air has been producing fresh, innovative heating products ever since its establishment in 1998. Soleus is well-known for its extremely effective and efficient micathermic, reflective, and ceramic heaters. Read more about Soleus Air heaters on our Soleus information guide.
HI1-50-03 Soleus Electric Garage Heater
4.8 Star Rating: Good
8 reviews
  • 17,100 BTUs
  • Steel construction
  • Covers 500 sq. ft.
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HI1-50-03 Soleus Electric Garage Heater

All About Soleus Electric Space Heaters

Soleus Air International has only been able to stay in the market for a solid 11 years because it relies on innovation, as well as efficiency of its products. In 1998, Charley Loh, Jimmy Loh, and Simon Chu started the MJC America company in their headquarters of El Monte, CA. Though Soleus Air began by carrying only air conditioner compressors and cooling systems, the company now features air conditioners, heaters, ventilation products, dehumidifiers, and even outdoor living products. Today, Soleus is a well-trusted brand that produces energy-efficient and money-saving heaters in the forms of ceramic, reflective, and micathermic heaters.

Soleus Air's 3 Different Types of Heaters


  • Ceramic heaters - These heaters rely on convection to keep your entire room warm. Heaters like the Soleus HC7-15-01 ceramic heater use ceramic plates and aluminum baffles to conduct heat that circulates warm air throughout the entire room! Ceramic heaters are always cool to the touch, so they are safe to use around small children and pets. Though these heaters provide a great amount of warmth and comfort , they do not waste as much energy as the other leading space heaters.
  • Reflective heaters - The Soleus heaters that use reflective heating technology produce warmth that mimics the warm and healthy rays from the sun . Unbeknownst by most people, reflective heaters like the MS-09 are actually very good for your health - they don't produce any harmful toxins, nor do they emit any dangerous chemicals. These heaters function as spot heaters by warming up the objects right in front of them. This saves you energy and money !
  • Micathermic heaters - Heaters that use micathermic technology actually combine convection heating (which is used by ceramic heaters, as well) and reflective heating. As a result, these heaters supply 99% of instant heat to the air around the unit. Best of all, micathermic heaters feature mica and nickel ally, which both feature excellent mechanical and electrical strength and high temperature stability . This means that units like the HM4-15E-01 don't overheat. Some micathermic heaters also offer an economic energy saving mode("ECO") that uses 1/3 less energy once the desired temperature is reached.

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