Oil Filled Electric Heaters

An oil-filled space heater is safe, silent and efficient to operate, making it the perfect choice for warming small to medium rooms. Oil filled heaters are permanently filled with thermal oil designed to radiate heat. The oil is never burned and never needs to be replaced. Choose from low-watt models that heat spaces up to 150 square feet.
NewAir AH-400 Space Heater
4.5 Star Rating: Good
44 reviews
  • Heats up to 40 sq. ft.
  • 1386 BTUs
  • Adjustable thermostat levels
List Price:
NewAir AH-400 Space Heater

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Oil Filled Space Heaters - The All-Around Champ

When you choose oil filled heaters for your personal spaces, you won't ever have to worry about the noise of a fan interrupting your concentration or your sleep. Oil filled space heaters operate on the principal of convection - since heat always rises, the warm air from the heater naturally moves upwards, forcing cooler air down where it is, in turn, heated to a comfortable temperature.

If you're looking for a money-saving heater oil filled heaters are easy on your finances. The special, heat-conserving thermal oil inside the heater is designed to hold and radiate heat - even after you turn it off! You'll get long-lasting, consistent heating with an oil filled radiatorwithout having to spend a fortune.

And if safety is on your mind, you can't find a safer class of electric heater on the market. The electric heating element is entirely enclosed inside the unit, so the risk of contact burns or fires is almost non-existent. The surface temperature of the heater stays cooler to the touch than typical space heaters, too, even when providing soothing warmth to your room. And safety features like automatic overheat shut-off and tip-over switch means that you and your home are protected in case of accidents.

For bedrooms, offices and other personal spaces, you can't beat the advantages offered by an oil filled space heater.

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