3 Ways to Stay Warm and Save Money with a Cheap Space Heater


Everyone's looking to save a buck, and one of the ways they're doing it is through their heating and cooling expenses. If you're looking to tackle the winter cold and want to find an inexpensive way to do it, shop around for a space heater. There are options that won't increase your utility expenses. In fact, they can actually save you money. Low-priced space heaters are a great way for anyone living on a budget to stay warm.

1. Economical Investment

You can heat an individual room up to 150 sq. ft. with a space heater as cheap as $20. Space heaters vary in price depending on the size and heating method, but they're effective. Just because it's an economical option doesn't mean it isn't going to keep you warm.

For example, the Comfort Zone CZ25 is an economical space heater that will warm a room in no time. Some of the features include:

2. Heat One Room at a Time

With a low-cost space heater you can save money and stay warm by shutting off your furnace and heating one room at a time. If you choose a portable option, then moving it from room to room is easy. You can select a heater like the ceramic one above and set it on any available tabletop; if it's lightweight, it's easy to transport.

A good example is the Seasons Comfort ERH185. This model packs a punch. The heating method is reflective so it warms the immediate area quickly heating the fan spreads the warmth around the entire room. Features include:

No matter which one you choose, heating one room at a time is an economical way to stay warm this winter.

3. Low Energy Draw

energy meter

Most space heaters are low in watts so the energy draw is also low. The two heaters mentioned above use only 1000-1500 watts of electricity to effectively warm ther oom. Some heaters use even less. So if you're really trying to save a buck determine the size of the room you're heating and select a model to meet that need.

A good example is the Soleus MS-09. This inexpensive option uses only 800 watts ofenergy to warm a 80 sq. ft. area. The energy draw is even lower thus making iteven cheaper to operate. Plus, there isn't any energy wasted as these space heaters are electric and 100% efficient. All the energy used is converted by the heater to warm the room. Features include:

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With a cheap space heater you can stay warm and keep energy costs down. Just shutting off your furnace will help reduce heating costs and using a space heater instead will prove to be economical.

A Few More Cost Saving Ways to Stay Warm

Finally, invest in a cheap space heater. Because they're inexpensive to purchase, allow you to heat one room at a time, and use very little energy, you're saving money all around. Use one to warm individual rooms and spaces inexpensively. They are a cheap way to feel warm and cozy on a coldwinter night.

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