Date Night At Home: More Romantic Than Ever with an Electric Fireplace Stove


In the midst of our crazy lives, it can get a little hard to remember the important things. Family and loved ones sometimes get lost in the shuffle of work or running a household. For the well-being of your relationship, however, you have to make the time to show your spouse you care. With these great stay-at-home date tips, date night can be thoughtful and memorable.

Get Dinner

Sitting down at a restaurant and ordering food is an old date night tradition. But not only can it be expensive, it can become downright boring. Do something a little extra special and turn your home into the best restaurant in town. Not only is it more intimate, but it is certainly more personal than heading to a national chain restaurant.

For Two

Whether you plan on surprising your loved one with a specially made dinner or you plan on cooking together, picking the right recipe is imperative. Sure, you want to eat a delicious meal, but the whole point is to spend time with one another! Pick a recipe that is both speedy and simple, like a soup or pasta. You can cook, drink wine, take turns tasting food, and enjoy each other's company in the process. And what's more romantic than that?

Not a very good cook? Don't worry! The point of this date night is the adventure. It might not turn out perfect, but don't sweat it. The important thing is that you and your sweetheart made it together.



Maybe you're not just a poor cook, you're a dismal cook. Or maybe you just don't like cooking as much as you like to eat. No big deal, have an indoor picnic! Order your significant other's favorite food. If that doesn't sound appetizing or fun, order from both of your favorite restaurants. You're ordering in, so who says you have to eat from the same place?

Lay down a blanket in an area with enough space for you the enjoy your meals. Bonus points if you have an excellent focal point. Electric fireplace stoves are great for romantic atmospheres. Not only will you have a mouthwatering meal, you'll have the perfect ambiance.

Get Close

So what to do after dinner? You need an excuse to turn down the lights and cuddle close. Well, a movie is always the perfect choice, but it might not always be the most romantic one. Avoid the inevitable "No You Pick" meltdown by presenting a foolproof selection like these choices.

Nostalgic Movie

Play on your partner's heart strings by picking up the first movie you watched together. The company you're with typically affects your opinion of a movie, so chances are you both enjoyed it. If you both thought it was a little silly, you might enjoy watching it with a bit of added humor. Or you might have even been so nervous that you didn't get to pay attention to the movie, so now's your chance!

Turn off all the lights and pop some popcorn. And don't forget the oversized sodas. You can recreate the experience of going to the movies without the expense or hassle. This is perfect opportunity to relive a huge relationship milestone in the intimacy of your own home.

Movie Marathon

If you are one of those couple that have a film collection that is just too large to comprehend, chances are you don't watch some of those movies very often. So start at one end of your DVD shelf and work your way towards the other. It might be helpful to alphabetize the collection. Make sure you enact a strict "no skipping" policy or you'll just end up picking the movies you always watch.

This is also a really great idea for a standing date night. Do you and your loved one have crazy schedules that require you to spend a lot of time apart? Elect a movie night, start with the first DVD and watch one every week until you've finished. It will turn into a night that you both will look forward to. You might even get a chance to watch one of your partner's favorite movies for the first time.

Get Competitive


Movies are nice as an after dinner activity, but you might be looking for more interaction between you and your loved one on date night. Make the most of your time together with a little healthy competition! Create a bet where loser has to do dishes or transform your activity into a drinking game. This will be sure to get the laughter and conversation flowing in no time.

Video Games

For couples who "game" together, this seems like a no brainer. If your partner spends too much time on the console, however, you might be a little hesitant to try it out, but sharing in this pastime will garner some good will. And you never know, you might just enjoy it!

Choose a competition game, but steer clear from fighting games. You don't want to spend date night trying to punch your sweetheart in the head! Opt for a racing game instead. Vintage style arcade games are also great for some friendly competition. Luckily, they can be bought for newer consoles right from the online store.

Board Games

Don't remember board games? Everyone has a stack of them in a closet somewhere. The ease of virtual gaming might have made people forget about board games, but that doesn't mean they aren't fun! Bust out a bottle of wine, an oldie-but-goodie board game and see where the night takes you.

Above All Else, Get Cozy!

These are some great date night ideas that are not only easy on your wallet, but they offer the intimacy of your home. You want your date to be comfy and cozy, so ambiance is of the utmost importance. Remember those electric fireplace stoves? Curl up in front of one for the perfect end to the perfect date.

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