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Ever since Dayton entered the heating industry, the company has created a well-known and well-trusted brand used by people everywhere. The brand is also known as an innovator when it comes to heaters for larger areas, particularly those that are oil-fired and gas-fired.

On the other hand, Dayton still offers heaters that provide the same kind of warmth for smaller areas with units like space heaters. Read more to find out about the different types of Dayton heaters!

The Different Types and Uses

Dayton features many different types of heaters for different uses. We'll explain the difference between electric, oil-fired and gas-fired heaters and which spaces they would be good for.

Electric Heaters

Electric heaters are very popular heating options because they are much more inexpensive to purchase and much easier to maintain compared to other types of heaters. An electric heater does not emit any harmful toxins or pollutants into your air either.

For Heating Small Spaces

U31 Image1

Dayton's electric space heaters are all extremely effective when it comes to heating bedrooms or living rooms. They are very small and compact making them easy to move around. Instead of purchasing multiple units for different areas in your home you can just move them from room to room. Are you reading in the living room and ready for bed? No problem, just take the unit with you. Look for a model with a convenient carrying handle.

Two types of heaters that are good for the home are radiant (infrared) and convection heaters. The radiant type heats objects and people as opposed to a whole room. Place one right next to your bed when you want to stay warm while sleeping. With a convection heater all the air in a room is heated, so even if you're across the room you'll still feel cozy and warm.

If you think both would be beneficial to you, no worries, some units let you choose between the two. The U31 electric space heater relies on convection and radiant heating. This special heater allows you to choose to use the two heating methods separately or together! With the U31, you'll be able to keep your room feeling warm and comfortable in no time at all!

D-F79 Image3

For Heating Large Spaces

Dayton makes heaters specifically designed for larger spaces like garages, workshops and warehouses. These heaters are top-notch, high-quality units that can effectively warm up large areas. There are more than just a few options to choose from.

A unit heater like the D-F79 offers powerful heating that distributes warmth easily and quickly throughout the room. Featuring 17,000 BTUs, it covers an impressive 500 sq. ft.

L4000 Image3

The great thing about this garage heater is that you can mount it on the ceiling or wall. It saves space and eliminates the danger of ever getting knocked over.

If you're looking for more portability the Dayton L4000 garage heater features 13,650 BTUs and can keep your garage or workshop at any temperature between 45 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit. This lightweight and portable garage heater also offers permanently lubricated motors and built-in thermostats for quick, effective warmth.

Oil-Fired Heaters

For Heating Large Spaces

Dayton offers many oil-fired heaters in its selection. An oil-fired heater relies on 1-K kerosene and uses no electricity at all! These units are perfect for heating up extremely large industrial areas.

The E52 oil-fired heater provides instant warmth and even features easy-to-read fuel gauges and LED power/failure indicator lights for your convenience. This efficient heater covers up to 5,000 square feet with 210,000 BTUs of heat and can operate for 8 hours on one tank! Additionally, it comes with a heavy-duty wheeled chassis kit that provides easy mobility; you can move this unit to the area that needs it the most.

E58 Image1

Gas-Fired Heaters

For Heating Large Spaces

Unlike oil-fired heaters, gas-fired heaters use propane to provide heat. Dayton's E58 is great for providing warmth to warehouses, construction sites, factories, and open-air workshops! With an efficient carrying handle, a gas-fired heater can be moved from one area to another with no hassle!

This gas-fired heater offers 150,000 BTUs of heat, which equals about 3,500 square feet of warmth. Similar to oil-fired heaters, gas-fired heaters can give off up to 8 hours of heat with just one tank!

Safety Features

Every single Dayton product offers safety features to protect you, your loved ones, and your workers. All of the units have a tip over automatic safety feature that turns them off if they fall over. Likewise, these heaters offer automatic shut off that shuts off the motor if accidental overheating occurs.

In the case of overheating, units like the U31 have an alarm that tells you when it is unsafe to keep it on for any longer. The heaters that run on fuel also feature a "fuel shutoff" that turns the heater off when the operation is getting too dangerous.

Browse the large selection of Dayton heaters and find the perfect one for your home, garage or workshop today!

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