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Electric garage heaters can generally heat areas up to 400 sq. ft.  Our electric garage heaters range up to 19,115 BTU.  Our electric garage heating systems run on 240 volts.  >>>More Info   Infrared heaters are a great way to keep warm in the house. Our infrared heaters radiate heat in the same way that the sun warms the Earth.  >>>More Info   When electric heating safety is number one, there is no substitute for a space heater.  We have electric space heaters from 1,365 to 5,120 BTU and specialty electric space heaters to fit your every need.  >>>More Info
Tip of the Day
Patio Heaters Can Help You Extend the Summer Season!

Don't give up outdoor dining and entertainment just because the temperature is dropping.  A patio heater will keep you warm well into the Fall and help make your outdoor entertainment events cozy and comfortable.  While it should be noted that some patio heater models - particularly the wood-burning type - may pose a fire hazard, our propane patio heaters provide clean and efficient draft-free heat that feels just like warmth from the sun, and are safe and easy to assemble.  These patio heaters are also completely portable, and will allow you to move it from an outdoor lounge area to backyard table in seconds.

Because it is the perfect outdoor accessory, consider investing in a patio heater and enjoy extended summer comfort year round. 

Click here to see our selection of patio heaters

Sale Items
L5600 Dayton Electric Heater Up to 19,100 BTU's
Sale: $177.95
AH-320E Newair Space Heater - FREE GROUND SHIPPING
Sale: $89.95
AH-510E NewAir Electric Fireplace Heater 7.5 Hour Timer--FREE GROUND SHIPPING!
Sale: $149.95
AH-500E NewAir Electric Fireplace Heater Adjustable Thermostat Control--FREE GROUND SHIPPING!
Sale: $199.00
Newair APH-1100SS Patio Heater 11,000 BTU - Portable & Compact
Sale: $109.95
AH-400 Newair Space Heater--FREE GROUND SHIPPING Flat panel for saving room
Sale: $47.95

Space Heating - For a complete space heater selection, perfect as room heat or as portable heaters.  We have a great selection of safe oil filled radiator style, ceramic, fan forced, and many other space heating systems.  Many new space heaters offer energy savings and heating safety features not found in older space heaters.  For example, most of our standard space heaters will come with tip over safety switches or thermal cutoff switches.  Moreover, we offer ceramic space heaters and hydronic space heat.  We recommend safe electric space heaters like the Model LY46.

Electric Garage Heaters - Garage heaters can generally heat areas up to 400 sq. ft.  Our electric garage heaters range up to 19,000 BTU we offer electric garage heating and gas garage heating systems.  Electric garage heating is safe and for this reason most of our customers choose electric garage heaters over propane heating options when there is less than 500 sq. ft. of area to heat.  When choosing an electric garage heating system we also recommend that you hardwire when possible.  This can result in a considerable savings since you do not have to purchase an electric space plug or receptacle.  The following are our two most popular electric garage heat models.  Dayton Garage G73 and the Dayton Garage L5600

Free Ground Shipping!

Dayton G73 Garage Heater with FREE Ground Shipping

The powerful, energy-efficient Dayton G73 provides all the heating power you'll need during the cold, winter months. The G73 is our overall best garage and shop heater. Instead of propane, this electric garage heater provides a safe, energy-efficient, powerful alternative.

Summer Heating Means - Patio Heaters - Enjoy your backyard or patio with a patio heater.  If you have already considered one, now is the time to buy a patio heater with the dramatic reduction is cost and the sweeping safety feature additions over the past year.  If you have never considered a patio heater, take a few minutes to review our selection.  Patio heaters are a great family investment and the perfect way to have fun outdoor parties.  Our patio heaters have multiple levels of safety and are totally portable using propane to heat an area up to 20 feet in diameter.  Click here for More Patio Heater Information

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