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The De'Longhi Group has been providing the world with exceptional, innovative heaters since the 1950s. This Italian-based company first started out by selling components for heating systems for other companies; however, in less than 15 years, the brand was able to launch its first portable electric radiator heater. Not only did this lead to the innovation of more heaters, but it also led to the production of De'Longhi's air conditioners, air purifiers, food and cooking products, and house-cleaning products.

By the late 1980s to the early 1990s, the company began to expand globally, opening subsidiaries in America, France, Germany, Japan, Moscow, Canada, and now Belgium. From the company's website you will learn that their mission is:

What's Special About De'Longhi Heaters?

De'Longhi stands out from its competitors with a clear vision in mind when developing its products. Striving to excel in quality, innovation and design, the brand offers customers the best products on the market.

Something else that makes De'Longhi unique is that the company tries to reflect its "Italianity" manufacturing heritage. This comes through in the design of its products, with a look that is like no other.

The Selection of Heaters

TRN0812T Image7

De'Longhi designs many different types of heaters for people with different needs and tastes. So you're not only getting a heater specifically designed for your type of space, but also one that looks great!

Oil Filled Radiators

One of De'Longhi's most popular types of heaters is oil filled radiators. These heaters feature a permanently sealed reservoir of diathermic oil that is warmed, never burned, so the oil never needs replacing! An oil-filled radiator is also known as a SAFE heater because these silent units are the safest to use.

Because it's quiet the TRN0812T radiator space heater is perfect for smaller areas, such as bedrooms, offices, and bathrooms. It has a coverage area of up to 120 square feet. With 3 heat settings, an adjustable thermometer and a 24-hour timer that you'll be able to set this unit to your exact preference.

DCH1030 Image1

Ceramic Heaters

Ceramic heaters are also very popular. They are economical, not using a lot of energy to heat up. They use convection for spreading warmth throughout an entire room, keeping the whole room warm without adding too much to your energy bill. Though these units are able to produce a great amount of heat, the surface doesn't get too hot.

The DCH1030 space heater is a great option for staying warm in any room in your home. It takes up virtually no space with its compact design and can warm a space up to 150 square feet. Also, the fan only setting allows you to use the unit all year round. That's one less appliance you have to buy and you don't have to store it away every year. This unit is also great because it stays cool to the touch so it's safe to use around children and pets!

Additional Features

All of De'Longhi's heaters include the following features:

If you want a heater made with quality, innovation and design in mind then look no further than De'Longhi. Take a look at all of our De'Longhi heaters today and see which one is the right heater for you!

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