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Founded in 1991, Dimplex North America Limited is an international world leader in electric heating. As a member of the Glen Dimplex Group from Ireland, this company has been developing new technologies from the day it was first founded to increase heating standards.

In fact, it is well-known for patenting the original flame technology associated with electric fireplaces featuring a realistic flame-and-log set that resembles an actual wood-burning fire. These fireplaces add style and beauty to homes all across the continent.

Over the years, Dimplex North America has been granted a total of 30 patents that have drastically improved the world of electric heating. These heaters are also great for the environment - they don't combust or emit carbon monoxide, and they use up to 90% less energy than gas fireplaces. They only cost about 8 cents an hour to use at most. 

What Makes Dimplex Heaters Unique?

The great thing about Dimplex products is you don't have to sacrifice design and quality for price. These heaters not only effectively warm a space but they also look great, adding to a room's decor.

Need proof of their quality? Recently the company's electric fireplaces were installed for a very important client. From the company's website you'll learn that, "Dimplex electric fireplaces are installed in the residential condos and hotel suites in the new Trump International Hotel & Tower Toronto ®." The developers, architects and builders believed that only Dimplex could provide an authentic fireplace experience with a life-like flame. Read the full article: Trump Chooses Dimplex Electric Fireplaces.

Dimplex heaters have proven to be worthy of even the finest of residences so you can take pride in having one in your home.

The Different Types of Dimplex Heaters

Elegant Electric Fireplace Heaters

Electric fireplaces provide a sufficient amount of heat with the aesthetics of a real fireplace. Even better, you don't have to deal with the clean-up from messy ashes and logs. Dimplex's electric flame technology is completely safe and eco-friendly. You can also operate these fireplaces with or without heat, so you can still enjoy the romantic ambiance of the flames during the warmer months.

Each Dimplex fireplace features a different looking finish and a unique style, so it is easy for you to find a model that perfectly matches the look of your home!

DFP18-1041E Image1

You can choose a model based on how much space you have. The CS1205 features the beautiful patented electric flame technology, but it also provides a heating capacity that is perfect for small bedrooms and personal spaces! This model is also one of the most compact electric fireplaces available. 

There are models that also double as media consoles. Enjoy watching the television while still enjoying a flame effect. Most of these units also provide convenient cabinets to store your media equipment, DVDs and CDs.

Then there are the more traditional looking fireplaces. These come in an endless variety of styles. You can easily choose one with a look and finish that perfectly matches the look of your home!

Life-Like Electric Fireplace Inserts

Dimplex also features electric fireplace inserts, which you can place into any existing fireplace! Do you have an older home with a mantle that has a fireplace that's been sealed off. Don't let this space go to waste by easily installing a fireplace insert. It will not only look great but give your bedroom or living room a little extra supplemental heat during the wintertime.

The Dimplex DFI2309 works just like the electric fireplace heaters but costs even less to operate. This electric fireplace insert is perfect for those who have fireplaces that are dysfunctional or that don't want to emit smoke into the air.

Durable Garage Heaters

Not only does Dimplex make a great looking electric fireplace but they also have a line of very durable garage heaters. These are very popular when it comes to electric heating. They act as spot heaters by aiming a lot of warmth toward one specific object. These heaters are extremely effective because they heat up areas that are not usually covered by central heating systems. These are great for workspaces, garages and other spaces that aren't well insulated.


The heavy-duty DGWH4031 electric heater is one of the most popular units featuring overheat protection and a large 13,000 BTU heating capacity.

Look for these other great features when choosing a garage heater:

Safety is a Priority

All Dimplex items are completely safe to be used in all homes. Most models are UL-listed for passing safety and quality standards. The electric fireplaces don't get hot to the touch - the glass panel stays cool and the fake logs and flame don't actually burn. This is perfect for those who have children or those who are accident-prone! Most of the garage heaters include automatic shut-off if airflow is ever restricted.

Dimplex guarantees safety with each of their products to make sure you have the best heating experience.

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