Best of Both Worlds with an Electric Fireplace Entertainment Center

28MM468-W502-Kit Image1Nothing says comfort on a cold winter night like the soft glow of a toasty fire. Who doesn't appreciate the extra heat a fireplace provides on a cold winter night? So cozy up and warm your toes while enjoying your favorite wine or a cup of cocoa.

But wait- your favorite show is on! How are you going to enjoy the fire when the TV is in the other room?

Face it - televisions and fireplaces don't always mix. A traditional fireplace - with its hearth, chimney and mantel- can take up a whole wall. That doesn't leave much room for a TV, even if you've got one of those sleek, contemporary flat screen units. And then there's the design issue - even if you have room for a TV and a fireplace, how do you arrange the sofa to enjoy both?

Fireplace TV Stands to the Rescue!

23MM9511-NC72 Image1Fortunately, there is an easy solution, one that works no matter how large or small your home may be. If you want to enjoy the pleasures of a realistic fire and still not miss a minute of prime time, then there's no better solution than an electric fireplace entertainment center.

With all the designer style you could want for your home, these convenient all-in-one units combine an attractive tv stand, plenty of media storage and an electric fireplace into a single piece of furniture.

Now there's no need to choose between warm toes and Monday Night Football - you can have both!

7 Benefits of Electric Fireplaces

Electric fireplaces are an aesthetic and practical way to add extra warmth to your home. They simulate the look of a real wood fire, but don't burn gas or wood so they're both safer and cleaner. If you're not sure an electric fire is the right choice for you, here are a few benefits to consider:

  1. Eliminate harmful emissions and indoor pollutants caused by wood fires. 23MM1824-C244 Image1
  2. No need to buy wood - just plug it in and enjoy.
  3. No piles of ash to clean up.
  4. Can be installed in rooms that don't have traditional fireplaces or chimneys.
  5. Look just like real fires, with flickering flames and glowing embers.
  6. Warm your room- up to 400 square feet - and reduce your household heating costs. Or turn off the heat and just enjoy the look of real fire without raising the temp.
  7. Rearrange whenever you want! Electric fireplaces are easy to install and can go nearly anywhere in the room.

How to Choose Your Electric Fireplace Media Console

How do you find the electric fireplace entertainment unit that's right for you? There are dozens of styles and configurations available, from traditional to contemporary, from country to ultra modern. The choice is up to you. But here's a rundown of the features to look for when you're shopping:

  1. Construction and Finish - Electric fireplace media centers come in both traditional wood construction as well as in metal and glass. Choose something that will blend with the furniture in your home. You'll also find a variety of finish colors - walnut, oak, cherry, black, white and more - so you can be sure to find something that matches your decor.
  2. Size - Make sure you pick a console that is large enough to hold your television securely. You'll also want one that fits in the space you're going to use is.
  3. Configuration - If space is a premium in your hope, you might find a corner fireplace TV stand is the perfect choice for you. Taller stands works better for smaller TVs, but big screen TVs fit better on long, low consoles.
  4. Storage - How much extra storage for DVDs would you like to have? Do you prefer open shelves, or cabinets that close up to hide the clutter? What about additional devices, like a DVR, cable box or stereo equipment? Make sure the unit you choose has all the storage you need.
  5. Electric Fireplace Specifications - The fireplaces that come with different specifications, so make sure that the one you choose has all the features you want. Things to look for include: FE9328 Image2
  • maximum heating area (between 150 and 400 feet)
  • control type - manual or electronic
  • firebox size
  • heat on or off option
  • remote control
  • built-in thermostat with temperature control
  • energy-efficient LED flames
  • faux logs for realistic fire look

Once you choose your electric fireplace media console, you'll discover that installation is a breeze - just assemble the unit and plug it into any wall outlet to operate.

Maintenance is easy, too, so you'll have more time to spend watching your favorite TV and movies - along with the relaxing, realistic flames of your new electric fireplace. So get the popcorn ready, it's time to enjoy the show!

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