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Whether or not you have a fireplace, you can still create the same effect with faux fireplace that doubles as an energy-efficient heater. A fireplace heater lets you fill your home with a mesmerizing, soft glow without the hassle of burning ash and buying wood.

Conventional fireplace are often limited to a large home that can accommodate the space and chimney necessary to install a traditional fireplace. With an electric fireplace heater, it's possible to have a fireplace no matter what size or type of home you're in!

Electric fireplaces come in a variety of finishes, materials and colors to suit just about any home decor.  Also, electric fireplaces with mantels often boast a wood or stone look, adding a touch of elegance to living rooms and bedrooms.  Here is an overview of 5 of the most popular electric fireplace heater types:

Electric Fireplace Stoves: Compact and portable, these are built to resemble old-fashioned stoves and plug into any standard household outlet. 

Corner Electric Fireplaces: If you have limited space, a corner electric fireplace is for you!  These tuck into the corner of any room, do not require venting and come in a range of finishes to complement your decor.

Electric Fireplaces with Mantels: These are the largest and most substantial electric fireplaces.  Designed to simulate a traditional fireplace, these electric fireplaces come with a mantel as well as a firebox or insert.  This firebox/insert is what produces the flames and heat. 

Media Console Electric Fireplaces: Functional and beautiful, these models can accommodate most TVs and will usually include cubbies for media components.  Like other electric fireplaces, media console electric fireplaces do not have to be vented and can be plugged into a standard household outlet. 

Wall Mount Electric Fireplaces: These space-saving electric fireplaces add ambiance without taking up any floor space.  Wall mount electric fireplaces hang on your wall and are ideal for areas without a lot of space to spare. 


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