Great Indoor and Outdoor Heating with an Electric Heater


Winter is the longest season of the year and can feel like it's lasting forever. Fortunately, there's a smart way to create a cozy living environment, making it possible to enjoy the season in a comfortable way.

Electric heaters are the perfect way to combat winter cold, and with winter quickly approaching, it's a great time to invest in one.

These units are multi-functional, quick and efficient, and perfect for any indoor or outdoor area. Indoor versions are great for bedrooms, family rooms, dorm rooms, and basements while outdoor options work best in areas like patios, gazebos, and garden retreats.

There's no reason to endure the winter season in discomfort; instead of dreading the winter months, enjoy them!

Indoor Heating Systems


These units are perfect for warming individual rooms and spaces. Depending on their wattage, they can warm spaces as large as 1,000 sq. ft.

Create the perfect indoor living space and enjoy the winter season. No reason to dread the colder months and spend all your time at home wrapped up in a blanket. 

They are guaranteed to keep you, your family, and your pets warm and cozy during the cold winter months.

Electric Fireplaces

An electric fireplace warms spaces as large as 400 sq. ft. Whether you place it in a family room, bedroom, or dining room, you'll appreciate its ability to provide you with extraordinary warmth.

These units feature decorative designs that complement home decor. Choose one with a mantel or built-in media storage. Wall mountable versions are contemporary and aesthetically pleasing too! Offering country charm or sleek, contemporary lines, these fireplaces always look fantastic.

Electric fireplaces are a great alternative to traditional gas wood-burning options. They offer life-like flame glow, sound effects, pulsating embers, and the same warmth a traditional gas fireplace offers without all the mess.

Electric Wall Heaters

These units fit in small spaces easily. They don't take up floor space and your nightstand and end table won't feel cluttered either.

They warm rooms and personal spaces at a rapid rate. They contain a heating element that provides superior warmth within minutes, making it ideal for a bedroom or bathroom.

Have children? These units can be placed well out of the reach of children, and because they're mounted on the wall, you can install them at any height you want.

Electric Baseboard Heating Units

This heating option not only warm rooms effectively, but they warm the floor too. Perfect for hardwood or tile floors, it eliminates the winter chill in no time.

They are compact in size, low profile, and fit in small spaces easily. So if space is an issue, this is the answer!

Some of these units include a heating element that's submerged in fluid so it radiates heat long after it shuts off. This feature is great for overnight heating. You won't wake up feeling cold, and the floors will still be warm.

Space Heaters

These heating units are perfect for warming your personal space. Set this option on the table beside your easy chair. Heat is instantaneous.

They are easy to transport. Roll it from room to room, or carry it with you to your bedroom. Going on vacation? These are great for warming a mountain cabin or beach house too!

Looking for something to keep you comfortable at work? These units are perfect for warming an office space. Set one on or under your desk or in the corner of the room. It's perfect for any setting.

Outdoor Heating Systems


Are you a fan of outdoor cooking? With an outdoor heater you can enjoy your favorite BBQ all year round!

If you plan on entertaining this winter then outdoor units will keep you and your guests feeling comfortable too.

There's no reason to keep your guests indoors when you can create a winter wonderland outside instead.

There are many outdoor heating options to choose from; below is an overview.

Tabletop/Freestanding Patio Heaters

Tabletop patio heaters are decorative and designed to complement your outdoor decor. These units look great with any patio furniture and provide enough heat to make any outdoor event pleasurable.

They are quiet, so you can enjoy exceptional warmth without any disrupting noise. This feature makes them great for outdoor entertaining. There's no annoying noise to interrupt great conversation.

Most outdoor heating systems offer a large 20 ft. heating radius to meet your needs. Place them around your patio, pool and garden area. Just because it's cold outside doesn't mean you have to keep the party indoors.

Ceiling/Wall Patio Heaters

These heating units warm large outdoor areas easily. Reaching up to 20 ft. in diameter, they provide a warm environment in minutes. Many models offer a 100 sq. ft. coverage area too! Adding these units to your backyard setting creates the warmth you need.

Perfect for any Occasion


Most indoor heating systems are compact in size, so they fit in small spaces and offer a variety of user friendly amenities for easy use.

The installation process is simple too. Just clear a space, plug it in, and turn it on.

Outdoor options give you the freedom to entertain in and out of the house all year round. Using just one of these units can transform cooler days into fond memories of fun with family and friends.

All of these units are useful. Choose a type that fits your lifestyle, the conditions of your home, and the space you need to warm.


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