Best Electric Heaters for Every Room in the House

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If you're looking for alternative or supplemental heat this winter, look no further! Electrical heaters are a great way to add instant warmth to your home and they work in any room or space.

These heating units come in a variety of styles, makes and models, so whether you're looking to heat your living room or a garage-turned-workshop, there's an option out there for you.

They're a great choice for supplemental heating because all you need is an outlet. They're also easy to install, easy to move, and easy to use.

Furthermore, by turning down your thermostat and using this method of heating to create warmth throughout your home, you can reduce energy costs by not heating empty rooms.

Living Room

The family room, also considered a living room by some, usually houses your cozy sectional and a large screen TV. You use this space often and you want it to feel great. After all, this is the room where friends and family gather for informal dinner parties, cocktail hour, or game night. You live in the living room, and what would be better than a warm toasty fireplace?

Electrical fireplaces are a great choice for living rooms because they add tons of supplemental heat; many units can cover up to 500 square feet! They provide function without sacrificing aesthetics, adding both ambiance and warmth.

They come in a variety of styles and sizes making them a convenient option for just about any family room. They're perfect for people who want the beauty of a fireplace without the hassle and pollution of a traditional wood burner.

Great Room


Perhaps the place you and your family really hang out in is the great room or bonus room. It's more casual, messy and fun in there, and every night that's where people tend to gather. It's even closer to the kitchen, where all the good late night snacks and desserts are.

The rest of the rooms may lay forgotten, so turn down the central unit and turn on a portable unit.

If you have a large family room, find an option with a large coverage area and/or oscillation feature. Generally, for every 1000 watts of heat produced, 100 square feet of space can be warmed. So your average 1500 watt ceramic model works in rooms of about 150 square feet.

Safety features are important too since you'll probably be using it with kids and pets around. Make sure heating option you select is cool to the touch, and has an automatic shut-off feature in case the unit is tipped over and starts to overheat.


If you have trouble sleeping due to cold feet, an infrared heater can provide instant relief. These units radiate sun-like rays and warm objects directly. Pick one with a timer that turns off automatically in an hour, so you can fall asleep knowing electricity isn't being wasted.

Solid objects, instead of the air, are being heated so the effect is instant; it's great for a bedroom since you probably won't be moving around much anyway. They don't use a fan or blower, so they operate quietly, which is another bonus for light sleepers.

A similar type of heating solution is an oil filled radiator. They're great if you don't need as much heating power, and offer the same advantages an infrared model does. As oil is warmed, heat radiates out of the unit, and because the unit retains heat longer than the average option, warmth tends to linger long after the unit is turned off.



Most options seem dangerous in a bathroom. After all, it's a small space with tons of towels and other flammable objects, not to mention lots of water that doesn't mix well with electricity. Thankfully, you can still get tons of heating power with a wall or ceiling mounted option.

Wall heaters are versatile since you can place them as high (or low) as you want. A well place wall or ceiling unit keeps little hands and paws safe, and won't take up any precious floor or counter space.

In addition to ordinary space heaters, heated towel racks are a great way to reduce chill and damp odors in the bathroom. Electric towel warmers help keep your towels warm and dry for a luxurious experience once you step out of your shower. Using one can also prevent mold and mildew growth.


If you use your garage as a workshop, den or game room during the summertime, why not make it livable in the wintertime as well? Garge heaters are built specifically to heat a space with less insulation than your average room. They're usually made of heavy-duty metal so they weather the elements well and heat effectively.

They typically feature single thermostat control and high temperature cut outs for safe operation. Some of these units offer a versatile mounting bracket for wall and/or ceiling installation too, making them a flexible way to keep the area warm.

Garage heaters are designed to heat large open areas, so you can enjoy powerful heating and use the square footage of your home that would otherwise be too cold.


Make sure your in-home office environment is just as workable as your garage! A great way to get heating comfort in your office is to use a low watt electrical heater. These units either come as table top units or flat panels you place on the floor or against a wall. Some models fit right under the desk to keep your feet warm and cozy too.

Low watt units are ideal for offices because you only need to heat your personal desk space. They use less energy, saving you money on your electric bill. They radiate warmth so they won't disrupt others and simply warm the immediate area. Just plug it in, and you're good to go.



Baseboard heaters are a great way to get heat into a room that can't be connected to central heating. Any room add-on like a guest bedroom, basement, den or sunroom deserves a little warmth too!

The den is the perfect room to install a low-profile, space-saving, baseboard heating system.

These narrow little units are usually placed under a window to counteract any heat loss in the area. They are extremely low maintenance and last for years. Some models are even portable.

Sunrooms often get overlooked for a permanent heating solution too, but if you're lucky enough to have a room that lets you enjoy the surrounding landscape from the comfort of a couch or daybed, don't limit your usage to the warmer seasons.


Having a patio heater will help extend the summer season and allow you to entertain guests in a fun outdoor kitchen or bar area into fall. They let you create a warm and inviting environment to keep you and others comfortable while you enjoy the sunset and after dusk hours.

These outdoor units are portable and easy to use. Table top versions fit perfectly in small spaces. Place one on a side table or in the middle of your dinner table. Freestanding types fit in corners easily and can be placed strategically around the patio.

Wall mountable or ceiling mounted options save floor space and provide ample warmth to a specific location. The type you choose should be based on how you use your outdoor area.

Electrical units require no extra fuel tanks and are whisper quiet. There are no open flames and zero carbon emissions too. Although you need to access an electrical outlet to operate your unit, they're convenient, safe and efficient.

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