Going Tankless? Top 10 Reasons to Switch to an Electric Water Heater


If you've been thinking about going tankless with an electric water heater now's the time to do it! These water heaters are gaining popularity and proving to be a reliable and efficient choice.

Below are the top 10 reasons to make the switch. Quit thinking about making the change and replace the tanked water heater you have.

After reading this, I think you'll see how beneficial going tankless is and realize that making the switch is a great idea.

1. Economical

These water heaters are an economical choice. They eliminate standby heat loss commonly associated with a tanked water heater, and they provide hot water on an as-needed basis.

Why pay to heat water that's not in use? With a traditional water heater, the pilot constantly burns to keep water warm whether it's in use or not. Eliminate this expense entirely with a tankless model and enjoy an endless supply of hot water whenever you need it.

2. No green house emissions

If you're going green and you're looking for ways to protect the environment, then switching to a tankless hot water heater the best way to do it. There are no fossil fuels required. Instead, cold water is warmed by a copper heat element, which then passes through the faucet and into a sink, shower, or appliance.

Electricity is a clean source of energy too. An electric water heater emits no harmful carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, or other pollutants. Taking into consideration the economical aspects and the fact that it utilizes clean energy, you can't go wrong.

3. Meets the need

Using a point-of-use tankless model as a supplemental hot water source or a whole house option, you can enjoy hot water at a moments notice! These units never run out of hot water the way tanked types do. There's no need to wait for the water heater to fill up and reheat the water supply. If you have a big family, going tankless will meet your needs.

When you go tankless, all of the hot water produced is utilized too, so there isn't any waste. Benefit from all the hot water you need and save money at the same time. T

4. Longer lifespan

On average a tanked water heater lasts about 10-12 years. A tankless unit lasts about 20 years. Because the lifespan of a tankless water heater is greater, it's an ideal investment. 

These water heaters last up to twice as long as tanked ones. In other words, you might have to replace your tanked water heater twice before you need a new tankless one. There isn't much money saving benefit to that.


5. Clean efficiency

Tanked water heaters are prone to interior corrosion. The development of rust and mold is a large problem. Not only does your water become dirty, but interior deterioration leads to possible leaks, an aspect that can lead to a variety of unwanted expenses. Going tankless eliminates this problem.

Because tankless electric water heating units don't store water, the risk of corrosion is minimized, and because water isn't stored, there's little risk of rust, mold, and lime scale development. As a result, the water you use is cleaner too!

6. Low maintenance

It's recommended that a tanked water heater be drained on a yearly basis to prevent harmful elements from entering your hot water supply.

Because there's virtually no lime scale, rust and mold growth, tankless models are a lower maintenance option. Although they still need to be cleaned, it's an infrequent chore and a lot easier. There is no large tank to drain. Cleaning the tankless unit is less time consuming and a lot simpler.

7. Easy installation

Installation costs for a tankless unit can be slightly higher than your traditional tanked variety; however, in time you'll save money if you switch.

Switching from a tanked water heater to a tankless one lowers energy costs about 25-30%. So if you're economizing and looking for a way to put money back into your pocket, go tankless and reap the rewards.

8. Precise temperature control

One primary concern about going tankless is the idea that the water can be either too hot or too cold. With an electric tankless water heater, you set the temperature. This unique benefit allows you to control the hot water temperature in a way tanked water heaters don't.

Prevent scalding and ensure you and your family can enjoy a safe and effective shower. These electric water heaters put the controls in your hands.

9. Compact design

We all know how large tanked water heaters are. They fit in a closet or garage. They're stabilized by a strap, and require a secure foundation to keep them firmly in place.

Tankless models are designed to provide hot water without any risk. There's no large tank to fall over or implode, and there's no large space required for installation.

Point-of-use electric water heaters are small enough to fit under a sink and provide supplemental hot water to one or two faucets in the immediate area.

Whole house electric water heaters are typically installed in a garage or closet; still, they're significantly smaller than the tanked variety, fitting flat against a wall surface.

10. Tax credit

Benefit from a tax credit when you go tankless. As everyone's concerned with the environment, going green is more important than ever. There are incentives for just about everything and tankless water heaters are no different.

The "cash for clunkers" program incited car owners to give up their old car for a new one. In the same way, this tax credit's designed to inspire you to give up your tanked water heaters for a tankless one. Make the switch from tanked to tankless and profit.

Reaping the Rewards: Switching to a Tankless Electric Water Heater

Now you know that a tankless electric water heater is the way to go. I've listed 10 reasons to make the switch. I hope they're encouraging and help you realize just how great going tankless can be.

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