Electric Fireplace Heaters: A Perfect Option for Allergy and Asthma Sufferers

As winter approaches the air gets colder, so many of us turn to fireplace heating to keep our homes warm in a cost effective way.

For some, fireplace heating is a safe and effective way to stay warm, but for allergy and asthma sufferers it isn't.

Did you know that a wood burning fireplace or stove emits particles and gases that can pose a serious health threat to anyone with a potential upper respiratory allergy?

Wood burning fireplaces emit:

The above mentioned emissions can cause severe illness for anyone with upper respiratory conditions.

If you enjoy fireplace heating but suffer from asthma or allergies there's a solution to your problem. These heaters produce zero emissions to cause irritation.

They're safe and effective and as inexpensive to operate as your wood burning option.

To control allergies in the home, the Mayo Clinic suggests avoiding wood burning fireplaces, indicating smoke and gasses can worsen upper respiratory allergies. So what are your options?

Electric fireplace heating units provide superior warmth and a realistic flame effect with absolutely no harmful irritants. In fact, they include features that let you control the heat and flame effect so you can customize the settings to your advantage, an element a wood burning fireplace doesn't feature.

Below is a basic review of these heaters, their benefits, and user versatility. Keep reading to learn more about them and determine if this option is right for you.

A Great Source of Warmth


Did you know this fireplace alternative can warm up to 400 sq. ft. of space? This amount of coverage can keep you and your family warm in just about any living space. Set one up in the family room so everyone can benefit from its warmth.

If you prefer, they're perfect for dining rooms and bedrooms too. This option can replace your wood burning fireplace in just about any part of the house. Enjoy dinners by the fire or relax in bed with a good book.

They are a great accessory for the home and provide enough heat to keep you and your family comfortable.

Another benefit is the adjustable heat. Most of them offer a variety of heat settings so you can temper the heat output to meet the conditions of the room. If it's cold, turn the heat up. If you're feeling just a little chilly, turn the heat on low. This feature allows for custom comfort.

Create Room Ambiance

It's winter and you want to enjoy the flame effect a fireplace provides but your asthma and allergies don't allow it. These heaters mimic wood burning fireplaces. They feature a realistic flame effect so you can take pleasure in the fireplace experience without causing a flare up.

Adjust the flame effect from low to high. Create the perfect fire for any occasion. This is a feature wood burning fireplaces don't offer. The fire burns hot and high until it slows, an element that takes time. Electric fireplace heaters put the controls in your hands. Adjust the flame effect for your own personal preference.

Most types offer brightness control too. So whether you're entertaining or planning a romantic dinner for two, you can set the mood perfectly. They are the perfect accessory for any dining room. Enjoy the flame effect as you dine without smoke, sparks, or floating ash.

Complement Home Decor

Add decorative flair to any room in the house. Not only will your asthma and allergies be under control but they are a great room center piece.

Create an ideal indoor environment in a clean, effective way. Combine superior heating, with room ambiance, and add decorative flair to your living environment.

There are a variety of styles to choose from. A traditional mantel is perfect for a living room dining room or bedroom setting. These fireplace heaters look just like your wood burning fireplace.

Media console models are ideal for any family room. Most options are strong enough to hold a flat screen T.V. and offer storage for all your media components.

Electric fireplace inserts fit right into your preexisting wood burning fireplace, so if you're in love with your mantel and have invested a lot of time into decorating your existing fireplace, an insert is a great way to avoid the emissions and increase your enjoyment.

Offering contemporary designs and decorative sass are electric fireplace heaters that hang on the wall. These units are great for kitchens, dining rooms, bedrooms, or patios. Some are designed specifically for indoor use; however, there are options that can be used outdoors on your patio.

They are a great decorative item for the avid entertainer.

Allergy and Asthma Free Enjoyment All Year Long

Everyone associates winter with fireplaces, but did you know that these fireplace heaters can be enjoyed all year long?

Most types feature optional heating so you can turn off the heater and simply enjoy the flame effect. Take pleasure in the flame effect in the heart of winter with superior heating, or enjoy room ambiance in the middle of summer.

If you're someone that likes to entertain, enjoy dining on the patio with one of these units to keep you warm and cozy. These heaters are the perfect patio accessory. Hang one on the wall and create an environment everyone will enjoy.

A Few Final Thoughts

Fashion a memorable evening with family and friends or an evening with your partner with a fireplace heater. This accessory enhances the overall experience.

They are the perfect solution for allergy and asthma sufferers. If you've been avoiding your fireplace due to your upper respiratory problems, this heater is the perfect solution.

The benefits are many and include the following:

So don't write off fireplace heating just because you have allergies or asthma. Using one of these units will allow you to enjoy fireplace heating in a safe, effective, and useful way.

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