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Not sure what type of space heater to choose?  Simply choose the area you wish to heat from one of the choices below:


Electric Space Heaters are a great way to heat bedrooms and smaller areas because these areas require less heat than living areas. They are typically used when the main heating system is inadequate or when central heating is too costly to install operate.  These are often affordable, portable, and safe to use.  See our list of recommended space heaters

Infrared Heaters radiate heat to nearby objects with infrared heat similar to the heat provided by the sun. These heaters are usually the best option when it comes to heating small personal spaces because they don't use a lot of energy. See which infrared heaters we recommend

Radiator Electric Heaters are an obvious choice for bedrooms and small areas such as cubicles because they're both silent and extremely safe.  These types of heaters warm a special type of heat-conserving oil inside the heater and radiate this heat into the room.  Because the oil is only heated, it never needs to be replaced. Little to no energy is used with these units, making them cost-effective and energy-efficient.

Baseboard Heaters use convection (air circulation without a fan) to provide extra heat in bedrooms or offices. They require very little maintenance and can actually save you a lot of money.  Take a look at our best baseboard heaters

Electric Wall Heaters are great for bedrooms because they can be recessed into the wall and offer space-saving heat.  Electric wall heaters are also very safe and less expensive than propane wall heater counterparts. They are usually small and sleek and don't take up a lot of room in your home.  See our editor's picks for wall heaters.


For larger rooms, lounges, and family rooms, heat pumps are the best choice for long-term use.  However, in general, these areas require additional background warmth and can need spot heating in areas by the television or by the kitchen sink.  In these instances, infrared heaters or fireplace heaters work well.

Portable Electric Heaters come in a variety of styles and sizes, but they all provide heating comfort instantly. These units also use a lot less energy than most heaters, so they can save you a lot of money on your utility bill!  See our best space heaters here. 

Infrared heaters are another good option.  Infrared technology focuses and directs the heat, which in turn minimizes the effect of warmth being lost in a room with a lot of airflow.  These heaters are usually placed in a fixed position to concentrate the heat towards people and options.  See our best infrared heaters here. 

Heaters from Vornado are also very effective when it comes to keeping rooms warm. These heaters constantly circulate warm air for a comfortable feel.

Electric Fireplaces can also be a great addition to any living room or lounge.  These heaters use the same heating technology as any space heater - a fanned heating element is the heat source.  These electric fireplaces from NewAir and Dimplex are stylish, fully portable, and much safer than regular wood-burning fireplaces. They also add a nice, classy feel to your home!


Electric garage heaters and propane heaters are great options to consider when heating industrial areas. Most customers choose electric garage heaters over fueled heaters when there is less than 500 square feet of area to heat. These heating units can be mounted on walls and even ceilings, so they don't take up too much space and can be placed in any type of garage or workshop.

Keep in mind that garage and shop heaters can only be used in well-ventilated areas with sufficient airflow.  They are not intended for regular home use because they will definitely cause major discomfort and overheating in small areas. 

Shop Heaters can heat areas up to 400 square feet and run on 240 volts. These types of heaters are extremely safe and provide blasts of warm air onto the body. They usually function as spot heaters that keep your work area feeling nice and warm.  Take a look at our recommended shop and utility heaters

Infrared Heaters make excellent choices for commercial and industrial areas because they provide instant heat to people working in the immediate area. Additionally, they are much more energy-efficient than other heaters.  See our recommended infrared heaters

Propane Heaters and Oil-Fired Heaters are sturdy, safe, and can rapidly warm up large areas.  However, these portable and lightweight heaters are geared towards spaces with ample ventilation such as warehouses and factories, as well as outdoor areas such as farms.

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