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Finding a way to provide affordable warmth during the cooler months may seem like a challenge, but with so many inexpensive heaters on the market today, many customers may opt for a heater simply based on price alone. While this may save you money on the initial cost of the unit, you may be overlooking many important safety and energy-saving features that could save you more money in the long run.

In order to find a heater that is both affordable and efficient, follow a few of these suggestions when choosing a heater:


For Small Areas & Personal Spaces
Although heating your entire home with electricity may not be practical or economical, for spot heating small areas such as a small room or desk area, oil-filled radiator heaters are both safe and affordable choices. The oil within the heater never needs to be changed, making maintenance a breeze. Many oil-filled heaters also feature overheat protection!


For Bedrooms
A portable space heater is the simple, easy, and effective solution for heating small areas such as bedrooms.Many space heaters are excellent spot heaters by only heating objects or people within their line of sight. Look for models with tip over safety switches and oscillators if evenly distributed warmth is desired.


For Living Rooms or Lounge Areas
Again, portable space heaters also work well for living rooms or lounge areas. When used intermittently, these provide instant comfort to larger areas. Like real wood-burning fireplaces, electric fireplaces are beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. On the other hand, these affordable electric fireplaces are much safer to run and cost only pennies to operate. Most come with digital features, heating adjustments, and built-in thermostats, and also come at an economical price.


For Commercial or Industrial Areas
If you prefer to heat your workspace using electricity, an electric shop heater can provide adequate heat at an affordable price. These provide tremendously efficient convection heat for areas that are not insulated enough and not suitable for ambient heating. Many garage heaters also function as spot heaters by warming only the objects around them.


For Even Larger Areas
For instant heating of large areas, tank top propane heaters are relatively inexpensive and ideal for use in areas such as a construction sites,shop areas, and more. These fuel heaters can be mounted onto standard 20 pound or larger LPG bottles, and they offer safety features such as tip over switches and overhead shutoff valves! These types of heaters require no electricity to heat.

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