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Why buy an electric fireplace heater for your home?

An electric fireplace heater is great for both the bedroom or living room. Electric heat is much cheaper than an actual burning flame and is much safer . You can bring heat into your room and add a touch of flair. With a fireplace heater, you can have a beautiful faux fireplace fire without the fuss of cleaning out a fireplace or worrying about burning embers. In addition to providing supplemental heat to your home, you are also adding a "vintage" look to your living space. For the price of a space heater, you are adding beautiful decor to your home that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

How are fireplace heaters different from other electric space heaters?

A fireplace heater uses the same heating technology as a space heater. A heating element with a fan is employed as the heat source, but this is not visible. You will see a beautiful fireplace with a real faux fire instead of a standard space heater. These are perfect for the colder months, and will even fit in with your holiday decor!

How does a fireplace heater work?

A fireplace heater uses a heating element to produce heat at different levels of wattage according to how much heat you need for your room (up to 150 square feet). The electric fireplace heater has a fan that can be changed from high to low which blows the hot air from the heating element around the room. A light bulb produces the beautiful fire-like glow , and a fan supplements the fire's appearance. You can have a cozy fire without the blaring heat of an actual flame. It is wonderful to have a beautiful looking fire without the dangers of an open flame, and you can even change the heat output!

Why do people use fireplace heaters?

Many people choose fireplace heaters as an alternative to electric space heaters because they are more attractive . If you want a heater for your family room but do not want an obtrusive piece of plastic, you can have a heater that does the same job but looks good doing it. In addition, the faux flame look is soothing and can add warmth and happiness to your family room or bedroom. You don't have to put this heater away in the summer; you can simply tuck it into a corner and it will still be a vital piece of your home decor.

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