7 Ways to Stay Warm on a Budget

Using an In-Wall Heater and Other Heating Options


Most people are living on a budget, so everyone's trying to save a buck wherever they can. Inflation, low paying jobs, and the cost of gasoline is forcing most people to reassess how they're spending and saving money. With no end in sight most people are settling into what is often called the status quo. Over the years things haven't improved, and by all appearances they aren't going to. That being said, what are we supposed to do about it?

Winter's around the corner and with it comes some really cold weather. For some of it's a matter of paying you energy bill to stay warm or putting gas in the car to get to work. Everyone wants to feel comfortable at home, and yet there are so many other responsibilities to consider.

Below are a few suggestions for staying warm. These helpful tips might make it easier to get through the upcoming months.

1. Blankets and more blankets

Cover your bed with enough blankets to snuggle beneath. It's a cozy way to make your bed an inviting, warm and comfortable space. Toss one on the couch to watch TV, they're a great accessory and with although the new design you can throw one over the back of the chair and decorate your apartment at the same time. Snuggle up to watch TV or talk on the phone. Blankets are a simple solution.

2. Weather stripping


Seal your doors and windows. If you feel cold air coming through, then no matter how a hard you try to get warm, it'll do you no good. Go to your local hardware store and buy some self adhesive stripping and place it around windows and doors to keep the cold air out.

3. Snuggle up with your beau

Getting close to your loved ones is not only a great excuse to snuggle, but it will keep you warm too. Grab a blanket and snuggle on the couch for some TV. You will be warmer in no time. Body heat is one of the best sources of warmth. It's a survivalist's technique to overcoming extremely cold conditions, so why not enjoy it at home. Within minutes one person's body heat can infiltrate your own, and the chilly cold will dissipate.

4. Get a heater


Invest in a space heater. There are a variety of options. Use a portable space heater for room to room heating, an in-wall heater for warming a bedroom, bath, or room addition, or a radiant heater to warm personal spaces. You'll find that these are safe options and will meet the need. Most of these heaters are capable of heating one room at a time, which will not only allow you to heat any room you're in but it'll save you money on general heating too.

5. Exercise at home

Get your groove on. If you exercise at home you're bound to feel not only warm but maybe even hot and sweaty. It's a good way to utilize your time at home and stay warm too. Get healthy, fight the cold, and sleep better by incorporating an exercise routine into your daily schedule.

6. Cook at home

Cooking keeps the house warm and cozy and fills it with fresh aroma. Bake cookies, make a spaghetti dinner, and heat the house in the morning by cooking pancakes. Cooking is a great way to warm the house and you get the added benefit of bringing the family together.

7. Cover your windows

Window coverings go a long to keeping indoor areas warm. They keep the cold out and the warm air in. have you ever felt how cold a window gets on a chilly night? Windows bear the outside temperature. The best way to keep it from filtering into your living area is to cover the windows with draperies. They'll keep you warm and add decorative flair to the room.

One final suggestion

Take a hot bath. Draw warm water, light candles and create a relaxing environment at the end of a long day at work. It's a great way to feel warm instantly, and you can take a book in to the tub with you. So don't sweat winter; following these helpful tips will get you through it easily. All of these suggestions are designed to work together, so you can get through the cooler winter months comfortably.

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