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Our heater learning center and article library offers a selection of resources, articles, and general tips on heating and heating products. 

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Heater Articles

Garage Heaters
Garage Heating: What You Need to Know - Learn all you need to know about garage heaters.
Converting Your Garage Into a Room - View tips that will help you change your garage into a spare room.
Garage Heater Buying Guide - Learn the basics about buying a garage heater.
DIY Garage Heating - Learn how to maximize your heating efficiency with a garage heater.
Portable Garage Heater Types - Read about the different types of garage heaters.
Wall Heaters
Wall Heaters 101 - Learn about the difference between a wall heater and a baseboard heater.
Wall Heaters Help You Save Money - View tips that will help you save energy and money.
Space Heaters
Heating Solutions for Small Spaces - Learn about the perfect heaters for small spaces.
Radiant Heaters Versus Convection Heaters: What's the Difference?- Learn more about these 2 types. 
Space Heater: How to Choose the Perfect One - View tips that will help you find the perfect space heater.
Saving Energy with Portable Oil Heaters - Learn more about energy efficient electric oil heaters.
Fireplace Heaters
Electric Fireplace Heater Benefits - Read about the benefits of fireplace heaters.
Electric Fireplaces Create a Warm, Cozy Environment - Learn all about electric fireplace heaters.
Patio Heaters
Patio Heaters 101 - Learn all you need to know about patio heaters.
Patio Heater: Choosing the Right One - Learn how to find the perfect patio heater for you.
Propane Heaters
Propane Heaters for RV Enthusiasts - Learn about using a propane heater to heat your RV.
Hot Water Heaters
Water Heaters: Energy Efficiency at its Best - Learn about energy efficient hot water heaters.
The New Hot Water Heater: Sizing Up Your Need - Learn more about the basics of hot water heaters.
Heating Tips
Home Heating Tips - Learn how to optimize your heating efficiency.
Save Money on Your Heating Bill - View tips that will help you save monthly.
Other Articles
Green Homes: Beat the Heat Efficiently- Learn how to keep your home cool without harming the environment.
Heat, Rain, Snow, and Sleet: Weather Lessons for Kids - Teach your little ones weather basics with this handy article.
All About Heat!- Learn everything you need to know about heat.
Preventing Heat Illness- Prepare yourself in case of an emergency by learning the signs and symptoms of heat illnesses.
Heating Up: Truth About Global Warming- Learn more about global warming and how it impacts the environment.
Heater Safety: Carbon Monoxide in the Home- Protect your family from carbon monoxide poisoning in your home with this helpful article.


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