Common Myths and Today's Space Heaters

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Winter's on the way, so what do we do? We start thinking of ways to stay warm. We invest in warm clothing, buying jackets, boots, and sweaters. Some of us might need thermals, and snow gear.

With all of these items in place, we're ready to go outside, venturing into the elements surrounding us. But what do we do to prepare our homes?

Some of us have central heating, a costly but effective way to stay warm, and some of us don't. In some cases, central heating isn't enough. Heating ducts don't spread heat evenly, and if there's an add-on it won't be warmed at all. So what's the answer? Invest in a space heater.

This heating method warms rooms perfectly. They're great winter companions, providing enough warmth to create a comfortable living environment. So why are people reluctant to buy one? Online blogs suggest consumers worry that they're unsafe and expensive to operate.

Having read the blogs and considered the subject, we want to address some concerns. Portable heaters are actually safe, effective, and eco-friendly. They typically offer numerous safety features, provide enough heat to warm individual areas, and cost pennies to run. A built-in thermostat let's you adjust the temperature to meet the conditions of the room.

You can use a space heater to warm a nursery or bedroom. You can keep a basement significantly warmer this winter too. There's no reason not to use space heaters for extra comfort.

Space Heaters: Positive Changes to Think About

Developed in the early 1900's by inventor W.L. Sheu, space heaters were primarily gas. This invention required ventilation and was used to deal with the freezing season. Space heaters have grown and changed since the 1900's.

In 1976, Charles-Emete Ouellet created the first space heater for homes. He collaborated with manufacturers to produce a design that was ideal for home use. This led to the development of the electric space heater, similar to the types we use today.

These heaters were dangerous; they got hot and had to be watched all the time.

All that has changed. With the development of electric models came thermostats and the thermostat fuse. This enabled manufacturers tomake safer options.

Now these heaters offer safety features consumers feel comfortable with. Tip-over devises, automatic shut-off, and heat guards are preventative measures designed to make the consumer feels secure purchasing and using the product.

Are Space Heaters Eco-Friendly?

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Today every one's going green. Bloggers express the need to save money and keep energy costs low. We all want to conserve energy. Minimizing energy usage means saving money and it's good for the planet.

According to the Home Safety Council, "Space heaters, generators and other alternative heating solutions offer cost-effective ways to keep your family warm throughout the winter without heating the whole house, allowing you to lower your thermostat to reduce your energy bills."

This heating method uses very little energy. Most options warm up to 150 sq. ft. of space, and require only a 1500 watt motor for heat production. For this reason, the heater doesn't have to work hard to create a warm environment.

Most units offer an adjustable thermostat to meet the conditions of the room too. It will shut off when the desired room temperature is met. Moreover, they feature heat settings to keep the unit from running continuously.

Using an alternative form of heating is a great way to lower energy costs. They eliminate the need to run your primary heat source, whether it's a central heating unit or a wall furnace. Wall furnaces are expensive to operate and they don't provide enough heat to cover the distance either.

Using a portable heating unit to stay warm is a better option. They don't waste energy.

Important Safety Features for Worry-Free Use

Another concern consumer's are blogging about is safety. New moms want to use some form of supplemental

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for the nursery. But they're fearful, not knowing if portable space heaters are safe.

Space heaters are completely safe. If used properly, following manufacturers guidelines, you can feel secure knowing it's a safe heating alternative.

Many products have built-in safety features like automatic shutoffs, anti-tipping devices and heat guards. These features make operating space heater safe. Following manufacturer's instructions for use and placement, serious home injuries can be avoided.

The Home Safety Council and the U.S. Consumer Product and Safety Commission are excellent resources for consumer safety and the space heater. They offer lists of ways to use space heaters safely.

Don't worry about using a space heater this winter. Simply follow safety guidelines for use and find one with all the elemental safety features.

I hope you find this information helpful, and that you have the resources you need to feel comfortable using a space heater this winter. When I bought my first space heater, I didn't know much about them, now I do, and I understand that used properly, space heaters offer a great way to stay warm.

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