4 Ways to Create an Outdoor Paradise Using Patio Heaters

People invest a lot of time and money in their backyards. Landscaping, furniture, and outdoor kitchens are just a few ways people make the most of their outdoor space. For most people, the patio area is an extension of their indoor living space. So why not accessorize it with a patio heater? For those of you that love outdoor entertaining but feel that it's too cold to enjoy in the wintertime, add a little extra warmth and take your next dinner party outdoors.

Below is a helpful guide to patio heaters. There are avariety of ways to create an entertainer's paradise and enjoy the outdoor living space all year long.


1. Fire Pit

The fire pit is a great way to create social stations for your family and guests to enjoy. Most include cooking grids, making them ideal for roasting marshmellows and cooking hot dogs. It's also a simple way to get people around a fire, feeling warm and cozy and enjoying great conversation.

Placed strategically around a pool or patio, fire pits are a comforting way to create a social environment. They're mostly wood burning; however, there are ethanol or propane pits available too. So if you're shopping for an eco-friendly choice, there are options.

2. Deck Heaters

Deck heaters are tall freestanding patio heaters much like the ones you see outdoors at restaurants. These are perfect for providing poolside warmth and patio heating. Typically propane, these patio heaters are quite effective at keeping you feeling comfortable on a chilly evening outdoors.

The heating is adjustable so you can create as much or as little warmth as you want, making it a great choice for summertime heating too. And they're decorative, so they're a great addition to your outdoor decor.


3. Personal Fireplaces

Personal fireplaces are also decorative and add interest to any patio or tabletop surface. They provide some warmth, enough to warm your personal space or a small area.  These heaters make great centerpieces.

Some are even large enough to be placed around patio furniture, providing a little extra warmth to those corners that your freestanding option can't reach. These heaters are a great way to add style to your already beautiful outdoor furnishings. Tabletop patio heaters look a lot like lamps and are perfect for side tables or dining tables. They'll keep everyone warm while they dine. A great option is the Outdoor GreatRoom Serenity Tabletop Fire Pit. It offers an elegant design, dancing flame effect, and burns clean fuel.

4. Torches

Torches do provide warmth, although minimal. Typically these look great placed strategically along pathways or around a pool. If you're planning a party and want to create an outdoor oasis, these are an inexpensive option.

Create an island paradise and use torches to add to the setting. These are durable and create an interesting focal point and provide a finished look.

Fuel Types


There are three types of fuel available.

All are effective. If you prefer electric, know that you will need to have access to electrical outlets. You might even have to invest a little bit of money in having electrical hookups put in.

Natural gas heaters are going to require a connection to your natural gas line too. You might need to have this option professionally installed just to ensure a safe hookup.

Propane is by far the easiest heater to use. Simply set the heater up and hook up the propane tank. Propane is accessible too. You can buy it at almost any hardware store.

Firewood is the most natural and only burns for as long as it lasts. Of course if you choose to use a fire pit outdoors, you'll need to keep firewood on hand which can be found just about anywhere. You can also resort to fire logs like Duraflame that offer up to 3 hours of warmth.

Understanding BTUs, Watts and Coverage

How much heat is produced and how far it reaches is basedo n how many BTUs or watts the heater uses. BTUs or British Thermal Units BTUs is a term commonly associated with propane or natural gas heaters. Watts are typically associated with electric heating.

Patio heaters vary according to size and you should make a selection based on how much coverage you're seeking. You're going to need more than one heater to cover a large space. On average a freestanding patio heater will warm a 15 ft. radius. Some might warm more. A patio heater with 45,000 BTUs is going to warm up to 20 ft. radius. A 1200 watt halogen electric tabletop patio heater like the Uniflame EWTR830SP is going to warm a 12 ft. radius.

Measure the area to want to heat to determine how much coverage you're going to get from a patio heater and determine if you will need one or more units. Other factors to consider are how cold the temperature is and the temperature rise you're seeking. Factor in these essentials and you're bound to be happy with your purchase.

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