Choosing a Portable Heater in 3 Easy Steps

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You may think that picking a heater is a no brainer. But once you start looking at what's available, you'll probably get confused. It'll become much more difficult to make a decision.

Life is full of difficult decisions, but picking a heater shouldn't be one of them.

There are a lot of heaters to choose from, each offer its own unique benefits.

Here, we'll help you figure out what to look for in a heater, and explain the different types available. This straightforward and simple guide is designed to make purchasing a heating unit easy.

The best way to choose a portable heating system is to first consider the following:

1. Choose a fuel type

2. Select a heater type

3. Choose the controls

Fuel Type

There are two basic types of fuel: electric and gas. In most cases, electric units are preferred, but both are effective and valued for different reasons.


Portable gas heaters are ideal for the outdoor use. They're inexpensive and don't require a plug. They're a great emergency resource, heat spaces quickly and generally cost effective. Gas heaters run on external fuel, like propane or oil. Because they emit carbon monoxide, dioxide, and other gases, they can only be used in a well-ventilated area.


Electric heaters can be used in enclosed areas and require no ventilation. They're inexpensive, safe, and eco-friendly and emit no green house gases. These units require an electrical outlet so they can't operate during power outages, but in general they are great for warming indoor areas like homes, offices, and garages.

Heating Type


There are 2 kinds of heating systems indoor and outdoor. Know where you want to use the heater and make a selection accordingly. Below is a brief breakdown designed to help you recognize the difference and how they're used.

Indoor: There are a number of indoor heating units to choose from. Many operate differently, and therefore, warm the room differently too.


Outdoor: Outdoor heaters are great for warming backyards and patios. They can also be used to warm worksites and supplement heat during an emergency situation.

Control Options

Manual: Heaters with manual controls are simple and easy to use.

Digital: Digital controls usually feature LCD display and push buttons.

Most people have a preference. Consider how much you plan to spend on the heater and then determine which controls are best. Heaters with digital controls can get quite expensive.

Other factors to consider:

Once you've made the decision to buy a heating system then following, these 3 simple steps will make selecting an option easy. You're guaranteed to find the perfect heater if you do.

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