Q-Mark 2512W Electric Baseboard Heater

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  • Q-Mark 2512W Electric Baseboard Heater
  • Great Solution for Winter Heating Because Works Well in Small Rooms and Offices
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Q-Mark Siver Medal

The Q-Mark 2512W baseboard heater features an efficient and easy to use design that's sure to keep you warm this winter!  This heater offers up to 400 watts of warmth, making it ideal for heating personal spaces or providing supplementary heat for you and your family to enjoy.

Contemporary Look
Enjoy a clean, contemporary look with the Q-Mark 2512W electric baseboard heater.  It offers rounded edges and a neutral Navajo White enamel finish that's sure to complement any decor.

Perfect Placement
For your convenience, this Q-Mark baseboard heater is UL approved for use on a wall at floor level with wall-to-wall carpeting.  This makes it perfect for bedrooms, dens and other rooms with carpet!

Quiet Design
Ready a book, watch TV or simply enjoy a quiet moment, while enjoying cozy warmth with this heater.  It's specially designed for quiet operation and doesn't create the popping or pining noise that's normally associated with baseboard heaters.

Easy Installation
Don't worry about a lot of hassle when installing the Q-Mark 2512W baseboard heater!  This heater comes with a pre-notched mounting guide marks and knockouts at each end for easy wiring.  It also comes with a built-in cable clamp in both wiring compartments that allows you to restrain incoming cables without using additional tools and hardware.

Please Note:  Thermostat is not included.


  • Model: 2512W
  • Product Type: Electric Baseboard Heater
  • Product Dimensions: 2.90 x 24.00 x 6.75
  • Product Weight: 5.00
  • Product Color: Navajo White
  • Application: Ideal for heating small areas and rooms up to 40 square feet
  • Type: Baseboard Heater
  • Fuel Type: Electric
  • Coverage Area: 40 square feet
  • Voltage: 120 volts
  • Watts: 400 watts
  • Heating Element: Steel Sheathed Heating Element
  • Heating Capacity: 1365 BTUs
  • Finish: Navajo White
  • Construction: Plastic
  • Hardwired: Yes
  • Remote Control: No
  • Control Type: Dial
  • Fin: Yes
  • Fin Type: Chimney Fin
  • Thermostat Required for Use: Yes
  • Thermostat Must Be Purchased Separately: Yes
  • Automatic Cut-Off Fetaure: No
  • Low Surface Temperature: No
  • Safe to Mount Against Walls: Yes
  • Portable: Yes


  • A steel tubular heater's durability and the excellent heat transfer abilities of aluminum fins are combined into the heating element.
  • Built in cable clamp included for fast and easy wiring.
  • For convenient wiring and overall easy installation there are easy out knockouts.
  • Has a Navajo white enamel finish that blends in with most interior decor.
  • The rounded ends at the top and front of the unit eliminate rounded ends.
  • For maximum air circulation has a chimney fin element.

Optional Accessories Available For The Qmark Baseboard Heater 120 Volt Models


120-277 Volt Single Pole Thermostat TA1AW: Single pole thermostats break only one side of the power line to your heater and cannot be turned ''off.'' Therefore, power is continuous to the heater even if it is not running. The control knob will have a low temperature setting without an ''off'' position. These thermostats generally have a temperature range of 40 to 90 degrees.



Duplex Receptacle RA1W: An optional accessory that attaches and makes an additional two plug outlets for any baseboard heater.



120-277 Volt Double Pole TA1AW: A "Double Pole" is an older term for a switch that allows you to turn both sides of the filament on and off - actually turning it completely off making it much safer than leaving it always energized. Double pole thermostats should be used for zonal heat systems such as electric fan heaters, baseboard heaters, and radiant heaters.


Double Pole Wall Thermostat MD26: The same as a double pole, but is able to be wall mounted.



120-277 Volt Two Pole Tamper-Proof Thermostat TA2TPAW: A standard two pole thermostat but with a tamper proof guard that resembles a small disc covering, which is only removable with a screwdriver. Once it is off, an inside stem is clearly visible. This is then rotated with a screwdriver or with your fingers.



Inside Corner ICAW: Allows two baseboard heaters to be set up next to each other on walls that are at a right angle to each other. If you were standing in the corner, the point of the corner would point away from you.

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5.0 Star Rating: Outstanding
Name: Tim
Date: 12/21/2010
Location: Seminole, FL.
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5.0 Star Rating: Outstanding

Review Title: Electric baseboard heater
Comments: These heaters are working great for warming a small room. No clicking noises and very reasonably priced. Thanks.
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