Holly & Martin 37-251-031-0-18 Convertible Gel Fireplace

Holly & Martin 37-251-031-0-18 Rustic Fireplace
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Holly & Martin 37-251-031-0-18 Rustic Fireplace
Holly & Martin 37-251-031-0-18 Corner Fireplace
Holly & Martin 37-251-031-0-18 Portable Fireplace Front
Holly & Martin 37-251-031-0-18 Gel Fireplace Heater Corner
Holly & Martin 37-251-031-0-18 Rustic Faux Fireplace Side
Holly & Martin 37-251-031-0-18 Convertible Fireplace Back
Holly & Martin 37-251-031-0-18 Convertible Fireplace Insert Details
Holly & Martin 37-251-031-0-18 Contemporary Ivory Finish

  • Holly & Martin 37-251-031-0-18 Weatherford Portable Ventless Gel Fireplace With Convertible Abilities
  • Offers Supplemental Heat Up to 9,000 BTUs with Realistic Fire Gel Technology
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List Price: $714.99
Price Break: $165.00
Our Price: $549.99


Need to give a room a quick makeover? Look no further than the Holly & Martin 37-251-031-0-18 Weatherford portable ventless gel fireplace. The compact design and easy set up makes this model a must have for any home renovation, small or large. Get a working fireplace with hygenic gel fuel technology.

Accent Piece
With this model, there is no reason to skimp on beauty or functionality. A television would look right at home on the durable mantelpiece. It can support weight up 85 pounds! A 45 inch fireplace is the perfect size 47 inch flat screen televisions. The classic columns and slate tile front are timeless and can fit into any room.

Real Fire
Enjoy a real crackling fire without the clean up or hassle. Owning a gel fireplace means enjoy real heat, but never need to bust out the broom to sweep up ash or soot. The Holly & Martin 37-251-031-0-18 Weatherford can accommodate up to 3 cannisters of gel fuel at one time, making the size of the flames and heat 100% customizable.

Save On Energy
This fireplace heater offers supplemental heat, perfect for saving a little money on the electric bill. Firing up this unit during the winter can take chill out of the night. It is even the perfect excuse to cuddle up close on a quiet date night!

Convertible Design
The versatile Holly & Martin 37-251-031-0-18 Weatherford fireplace heater can be integrated into any floor plan. This model comes with a collapsible back panel to fit against a flat wall or into a snug corner.


  • Model: 37-251-031-0-18
  • Product Type: Convertible Gel Fireplace
  • Product Dimensions: 44.50 x 16.75 x 40.25
  • Product Weight: 127.00
  • Product Color: Ivory
  • Application: Ideal to supplement home heat
  • Type: Fireplace Heater
  • Fuel Type: Gel
  • Coverage Area: 300 square feet
  • Heating Capacity: 9000 BTUs
  • Room Size: 300 square feet
  • Fireplace Style: Mantel
  • Usage: Indoor
  • Number of Fuel Cans Recommended for Use: 3
  • Compatible Gel Can Sizes: 13 ounces
  • Mantel Width: 44.5 inches
  • Product Finish: Ivory
  • Product Construction: Engineered Wood
  • Requires Venting: No


  • 3,000 BTUs yields supplemental heat perfect for cutting energy costs
  • Added cement log, simulated cinders, and screen kit bring a realistic feel
  • Capacity of 3 gel fuel cannisters provides flames up to 6-8"
  • Included firebox makes sure the flames are 100% visible
  • No ash means no clean up
  • Odorless operation for clean, enjoyable heating
  • Sturdy mantel doubles as a television stand for flat screens up to 47"!