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Fire Sense 60253 Black Steel Offset Infrared Patio with Glass Front
Offers 90 Percent Heating Efficiency and Operates Cheaper then Propane Heaters

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Imagine having immediate, silent heat within seconds your patio or house while saving money on energy.  The Fire Sense 60253 black steel wall mounted infrared patio heater with glass front offers all that and plenty of other benefits to give you immediate relief from the cold.

The 60253 stands at 87 inches and has wheels for easy portability.  It plugs into 110V household current for easy placement just about anywhere.  It operates silently and does not emit harmful UV rays, emissions or toxic residuals.  It offers 100 % heat production within seconds and the 5000 hour lamp life lets you enjoy the heat without having to constantly change the bulbs.

While it can operate indoors, you will specifically notice the difference when it is placed outside.  It powerful lamp provides a 9 foot blanket heat that cannot be affected by wind.  Plus it uses 1/10 the energy of LPG heaters to keep your electricity bill low.  For reliable and cost effective heat purchase the Fire Sense 60253 black steel wall mounted infrared patio heater with glass front today!


Features and Specifications:

  • Model: Fire Sense 60253
  • Product Type: Black steel offset infrared patio heater with glass front
  • Head Unit Dimensions: 18.72" L x 9.85'' W x 6.7'' H
  • Base: 22"
  • Height: 87"
  • Product Weight: 55lbs.
  • No UV rays
  • Silent operations
  • 100% Heat production within seconds
  • No wasteful heating of the air
  • 9 ft. blanket of heat, not affected by wind
  • 5000 hour lamp life
  • About 1/10 the energy costs of LPG heaters
  • No harmful emissions or toxic residuals
  • Standard 110V household current
  • Ceramic glass front heating head
  • Wheels for easy mobility
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Economic operation


  • Uses standard 110V household current for operation anywhere
  • Near silent operation
  • Ceramic glass front heating head

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