Asia Direct AD112-TS Fire Pit Screen

  • Asia Direct AD112-TS 24 Inch Easy Access Screen is Easy to Open
  • Supplying Protection and Allowing You to Easily Access your Fire
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When it comes to a great evening outdoors with your fire pit, those flying glowing embers can ruin a beautiful evening. The AD112-TS can solve that problem in a flash by taming those embers and making sure they stay inside your fire pit.

The AD112-TS is easy to open and gives you access to stoke your fire without harm. Give your fire pit more functionality with an easy access screen. The more protected you are, the better.

Protect your loved ones with the AD112-TS.


  • Model: AD112-TS
  • Product Type: Fire Pit Screen
  • Product Dimensions: 24.00 x 24.00 x 15.00
  • Product Weight: 16.40
  • Application: To protect yourself while using a fire pit.
  • Type: Outdoor Fire Pit Cover
  • Material Type: Metal
  • Compatible With: AD112, AD112-S, AD229, AD245, AD312S


  • Catches All Annoying And Harmful Flying Sparks
  • Completes Your Asia Direct Fire Pit Purchase
  • Is Not Difficult To Attach
  • Provides Easy Opening When Quick Access To Flames Is Necessary
  • Compatible With Several 30 Inch Fire Pits
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