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Soleus HM360 Micathermic Tower Electric Space Heater
Combines Radiant and Convection Heat Technologies to Spread Warmth Quickly Throughout a Room

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The Soleus HM360 micathermic tower space heater provides quick, even heat in minutes. For more efficient heating, this heater combines radiant and convection technologies. The HM360 is ideal for bedrooms, offices and other small to medium sized spaces, offering 360 degrees of comfort.

Silent Operation
The Soleus HM360 does not use a noisy fan like conventional convection heater. This micathermic heater works quietly without stirring up dust.

Manual Knob Controls
Instead of a digital control panel like the HM360R utilizes, the Soleus HM360 has easy-to-use manual controls. A simple twist of the dial turns the unit on or off.

Low Surface Temperature
The HM360 includes safety features like a surface that stays cool to the touch and double safety protection. This makes it safe to use around children and pets.

Offers Soothing Heat
The comfortable heat offered by the Soleus HM360 space heater will not dry out your air.


Features and Specifications:

  • Model: Soleus HM360
  • Product Type: Micathermic space heater
  • Product Dimensions: 13.58" (W) x 13.58" (D) x 25.67" (H)
  • Product Weight: 9.5 pounds
  • Product Color: Grey
  • Power Supply: 120V / 60 Hz
  • Watts: 1500 watts
  • Rated Current: 12.5 A
  • Heating Technology: Micathermic (combination of radiant and convection heat)
  • Control Type: Manual
  • Safety: Double safety protection
  • Warranty: 1 year limited
  • 360° of heat is offered throughout the room
  • Ideal for areas that aren't too large such as bedrooms, living rooms and offices
  • Radiant and micathermic heat technologies are combined in this efficient heater
  • Can be used about children and pets without worry because of the low surface temperature
  • Does not disturb your indoor environment because it operates silently


  • Does not dry out the air while spreading warmth
  • Heat is offered in merely minutes at full power
  • This unit operates quietly unlike noisy fan driven heaters

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Real Customer Testimonials

Name: Karen
Date: 03/10/2010
Location: Sugar Land, TX
Item: Soleus HM360 Micathermic Electric Space Heater
Overall Rating: 5 Star Rating: Outstanding

Great heater, very quiet too. It did have an odor with the first use but that has since gone. I like that heat is felt 360 degrees around the heater. Very happy with my purchase, use it every morning in our nonheater workout room.
Name: L. Stott
Date: 02/05/2010
Location: Burlington, IA
Item: Soleus HM360 Micathermic Electric Space Heater
Overall Rating: 1 Star Rating: Poor

It won?t stay on. It keeps shutting off. When it?s on it puts out good heat.
Name: Lora
Date: 02/12/2010
Location: Ft Lauderdale, FL
Item: Soleus HM360 Micathermic Electric Space Heater
Overall Rating: 2 Star Rating: OK

Not very impressed with product. I thought it would heat up the room fast, not so. Would have to keep it going for hours. Heat does come out, but not very much. Would not recommend.

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