Bio Flame SEK SEK Bio-Ethanol Fireplace

  • Bio Flame SEK Bio-Ethanol Fireplace
  • Doesn't Require Chimneys, Venting, Flutes or Other Permanent or Expensive Connections
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The Bio Flame SEK bio-ethanol fireplace is fuelled by ethanol, which is made from renewable resources through the fermentation of sugars using natural goods such as sugar cane, corn, beets and potatoes. Not only is this bio-ethanol fireplace easy to set up and operate, it provides a safe and environmentally friendly heating option. The SEK bio-ethanol fireplace is especially designed to be easy to install and use to provide the cozy warmth of a real flame fireplace to a variety of environments.

Bio-Ethanol is Processed and Refined with Clean Additives
The Bio Flame SEK bio-ethanol fireplace uses bio-ethanol -- a fuel that has been processed and refined with clean additives to ensure that it remains a smokeless and odorless burning agent.

Doesn't Create Ash and Soot
The SEK bio-ethanol fireplace provides warmth without creating ash and soot, so no clean up is needed after operation.

No Gas Lines or Venting Components Needed
The design of this bio-ethanol fireplace doesn't include gas lines or venting components, which eliminates the need for annual maintenance procedures.

Fuel Efficiency Maximized
This ethanol fuel fireplace has refined burner construction to achieve maximum fuel efficiency.

600 Square Foot Coverage Area
The SEK is capable of heating an area of up to 600 square feet with a thermal output of 13,000 BTU.


  • Model: SEK
  • Product Type: SEK Bio-Ethanol Fireplace
  • Product Dimensions: 17.80 x 46.80 x 39.10
  • Product Weight: 77.00
  • Product Color: Various
  • Application: Designed to be a clean, safe, and environmentally friendly heating option that is ideal for apartments, houses, bars, restaurants, and offices
  • Type: Fireplace
  • Warranty: 3-year limited manufacturer's warranty
  • Coverage Area: 600 square feet
  • Heating Capacity: 13000 BTUs
  • Room Size: 600 square feet
  • Fireplace Style: Personal
  • Usage: Indoor, Outdoor
  • Mantel Width: 46.8 inches
  • Product Finish: Black
  • Product Construction: Stainless Steel, Glass
  • Requires Venting: No


  • Performs ash and soot-free, without the need for clean-up after use
  • No maintenance required as gas lines or venting components are excluded from the design
  • Refined burner construction achieves maximum fuel efficiency and has proven to last 60% longer than competitor burn times
  • Provides a clean, safe and environmentally friendly heating option
  • Features ethanol fuel, which is predominantly derived from sugar cane, potatoes and beetroot, all of which are renewable resources
  • Ethanol fuel is processed and refined with clean additives to ensure that it remains a smokeless and odorless burning agent
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