SkeeterVac SV-3100 Mosquito Exterminator

  • SkeeterVac SV-3100 Mosquito Exterminator with One Acre Coverage Area
  • Proven Safe and Effective by the USDA and Ideal for Residential Insect Problems
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If your backyard or patio area is plagued by flying insects, the SkeeterVac SV-3100 mosquito exterminator is just the solution. Proven safe and effective by the USDA, the SV-3100 is designed for residential properties with moderate biting insect problems and incorporates scientific research and technological and mechanical innovation to bring you a safe, simple, and effective approach to mosquito and flying insect control that will allow you to better enjoy outdoor living.

Requiring absolutely no electricity, the cordless SkeeterVac SV-3100 burns propane gas from a standard grill tank in a sealed combustion chamber where it is catalyzed into carbon dioxide and water. This mixture is then emitted into the air. As a result, insects are attracted to the carbon dioxide and become trapped within the unit where they dehydrate and die. You can also adjust the amount of attractant emitted by the SkeeterVac SV-3100 depending on the species in your outdoor area, and in just weeks, you'll see a significant decrease in the number of mosquitoes and flying insects.  The SV-3100 also utilizes the patented Tac&Vac system which combines a powerful vacuum with sticky paper traps to increase the amount of insects captured. 

Other great features include a large 1 acre coverage area; motion light system that attracts more insects; reliable electronic ignition with easy-to-read indicator; and a one-year limited manufacturer's warranty.


  • Model: SV-3100
  • Product Type: Mosquito Exterminator
  • Application: Residential properties with moderate biting insect problems


  • Cordless operation -- only requires a propane tank
  • Easy assembly -- does not require tools
  • Features a large coverage area of up to 1 acre
  • Ideal for residential properties with moderate biting insect problems
  • Motion lighting attracts more insect species
  • Tac&Vac dual trapping system combines a powerful vacuum system and stick paper traps to increase insect capture performance
  • Unique time-release FineTune lure at the top of the unit emits a scent that when combined with CO2 increases the attraction power for many species
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