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For many years, QMark has been producing quality heating and ventilation units worldwide. Q-Mark, a subsidiary of Marley Engineered Products, which is based out of Bennettsville, South Carolina. The company has become the leading choice for contractors, architects, engineers and HVAC professions. This is because they know they can rely on the QMark brand because of its dependability.

Why You Should Consider Choosing QMark Over Another Brand

"Qmark commercial heaters stand out by blending in." With QMark you get products that are focused on quality and functionality. When designing their heaters the company tries to use materials that are safe, durable and easy to clean. Making them great for industrial type settings.

Design with the Customer in Mind

As an innovator of heating and ventilation, Q-Mark provides many of the best and the warmest of heaters. The company tries to stay at the forefront of heating trends and needs. So when designing new products the company not only strives for innovation but also practicality, always keeping the customer in mind when developing the best heaters. They will often custom engineer products in order to meet customer's unique application requirements that involve non-standard specifications.

The Many Heating Solutions Offered

The Types of Heaters

There many different types of heaters offered by Q-Mark, giving you a variety of options to choose from. If you're not familiar with the different types of heaters, take a look at our heater buying guide!

LFK304 Image4

Electric Wall Heaters

All of the electric wall heaters offered by Q-Mark are perfect for small areas such as bedrooms, living rooms, family rooms, rec rooms, offices, and basements. These wall heaters are small enough to remain unnoticeable in your home and feature a white finish that looks clean and classy. These heaters from Q-Mark offer permanently lubricated and sealed motors for long life and low maintenance use! Most models also have a safety switch that protects the unit from overheating.

The LFK304 wall heater is perfect for both residential and light commercial heating. With 3000 watts of power it can effectively warm a 300 square foot area. Offering a combination of convection and fan forced heating it takes no time to start making your space feel comfortable. You get all this together in one small, compact unit that fits discreetly in the wall.

MMHD1502T Image7

Portable & Mountable Heaters

Like the wall heaters, these portable and mountable heaters from QMark provide a lot of warmth without taking up much space. These units are still powerful, however, contrary to their size. These models come with the option to either mount them on the wall or move them around from room to room with the convenient carrying handle

The MMHD1502T is great for storage areas, garages or workspaces. It has two different heat settings to choose from, a high output of 1500 watts and a low output of 1300 watts so you can set it to your preference. Also, it includes an adjustable thermostat for even more customized heating. You can even use the unit year round because it comes with a fan-only mode.

Electric Baseboard Heaters

2546W Image6

All QMark heaters are equipped with safety features that keep you and your home. The company's baseboard heaters are no different. The electric baseboard heaters have been designed with rounded edges for safety and appearance. Additionally, these heaters all feature safety thermal cutout protection against air flow blockage and overheating.

QMark's electric baseboard heaters combine the durability of steel tubular heaters and the heat transfer from aluminum fins to keep rooms feeling warm and comfortable.

Units like the 2546W direct the air flow away from your walls to prevent damage and discoloration as well!

CDF542 Image4

Electric Ceiling Heaters

Like other QMark heaters, electric ceiling units keep whole rooms nice and toasty when the temperature outside is too cold. They are conveniently installed into the ceiling so they are the ultimate space savers and also go virtually unnoticed. All models also feature thermal cutout protection for overheating to keep your home safe and sound.

The CDF542, is perfect for industrial or commercial use. This unit has a larger air flow of 283 CFM, which can quickly heat a 400 square foot area. Also, the fully-uniformed grid pattern ensures that warm air is distributed evenly.

You can choose to install it either in the ceiling or on it!

Garage Heaters

Q-mark Heater

Q-Mark is most well-known for its heavy-duty garage heaters. These units are extremely efficient when it comes to warming areas in a short amount of time. Perfect for sheds, outdoor areas, and garages, these shiny red garage heaters are also portable and feature finger-proof high temperature intake and discharge safety grilles! The durable construction ensures this unit can withstand rough conditions.

The BRH402 features a built-in thermostat to keep your work area at a temperature that is comfortable for you! With a large 16,380 BTUs this heater can keep a 480 square foot are perfectly warm.

Start Enjoying a Warmer More Comfortable Environment

With the many choices of heaters that QMark offers, it may seem like a difficult decision when it boils down to which heater is perfect for you. However, by keeping in mind what type of area you want to keep warm and how much space you have available, choosing a high-quality, well-built Q-Mark heater shouldn't be too hard. Purchase a QMark heater today and see just what you've been missing!

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