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Hot Spots: Heating Solutions for Small Spaces

When it comes to small spaces, whether it's rooms or homes, you should always reconsider turning on the central heater. Not only is it a waste of natural resources, but the rate at which they're consumption is increasing also bears a heavy burden on your wallet.

The fact is, it is a lot cheaper and simpler to use an energy efficient space heater.

What Is a Space Heater?

Space heaters are portable electric heaters that are easily carried and used anywhere you need it - in your home or office.  These energy-efficient units are often used instead of central heating units or when a central heater is unavailable. Alternatively, many users also prefer to lower their heating thermostat and offset the cold by using a space heater in the area they plan on spending time in. This small measure also goes a great way toward lowering heating costs.

But with the growing number of people who are downsizing their homes, creative and clever ways to heat smaller spaces have also been in demand. This is where space heaters come in. Not only are space heaters affordable to purchase and affordable to run, but they're quick and efficient. 

There are a number of well-known manufacturers of some of the best line of space heaters, including Vornado, Lasko, Soleus, and DeLonghi.  These manufacturers have combined form with function to offer a line of portable space heaters that are as stylish as they are hot.

Space heaters come in all sizes, shapes, and price ranges. They're also offered as ceramic, low wattage, oil-filled, paneled, and reflective heaters. Surprisingly, even fireplace heaters are space heaters since they 1) heat a space and 2) are portable.

If you live in a studio, small home, work in a cold office, or just want to offset your monthly heating bill, you should considering investing in a space heater today. If you do live in a smaller home, perhaps you may also find our small home heating tips of use.

Small Living Heating Tips:

Baseboard Heaters - The most efficient means of heating a house is under-floor heating, as this distributes heat uniformly. Consider investing in a baseboard heater. Electric baseboard heaters offer a clean, safe and reliable heat source for individual rooms when your central heating system isn't adequate. A heating element heats the air, and as hot air rises from the baseboard heater, this forces the colder air to the bottom of the room, allowing the baseboard heater to draw the cold air that has been pushed down by the warmed air. 

Electric Fireplaces- Just because you have a small space doesn't mean you can't have the grandiose charm and warmth of larger ones - especially rooms with elegant fireplaces. Electric fireplaces are flat, compact and as capable of creating the same cozy atmosphere as the real things.

Radiators -Very thin radiators that adapt to the form and color of a wall enhance the sense of spaciousness.

Wall Heaters - The space occupied by heating equipment in a bathroom can be exploited by installing radiators in the form of a bench. Alternatively, wall heaters remove the need to have a radiator at all. Wall heaters are discreet heaters that are installed one time in the wall with next to no effort. This is idea for a small space since it eliminates the need to have a heater sitting around and wasting valuable square footage.

Tubular Panels - Depending on how tiny your space is, it might be a good idea to install a tubular panel with a hanger in a bathroom, not only to keep the area warm but also to dry towels.

Heater Safety Tips:

Choose a safe location Units should be at least three feet away from flammable objects such as furniture or curtains.
Watch out for tipping make sure you place the space heater on a flat stable surface and away from the reach of pets and children.
Keep heaters dry Do not use them in the bathroom, unless they are specially made for that area or unless the manufacturer designs them for this purpose. Just as with any electronic, water should not come into contact with the unit.
Keep away from children Never place heaters in an unsupervised child's room.
Replace old models Heaters that are more than five years old may not include the latest safety features. It's best to always replace them after a number of years.

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