Different Types of Space Heaters

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Space heaters are portable, space-saving heaters that run on electricity and function as spot heaters. To find out more about space heaters, visit our space heater buying guide or our space heater FAQ!

Heater Type Description Suitable Room Size
Ceramic Type Heater
Ceramic heaters use ceramic plates and aluminum baffles to conduct heat that circulates warm air throughout the entire room. They provide quick, focused heating by directing warmth to where it's needed most. Though a ceramic heater provides a great amount of it, it actually stays cool-to-the-touch! This space heater provides a great deal of heat for personal spaces, offices, and small bedrooms up to 150 square feet.
Oil-Filled Radiator
Oil Filled Type
Oil-filled radiator heaters, also known as SAFE heaters, provide heat by warming up a special type of oil inside the units. This oil never needs to be refilled because it isn't burned. An oil-filled radiator heater is extremely quiet and economical. These types of heaters are perfect for personal spaces and small rooms because they function as spot heaters by only warming the objects near them.
Micrathermic Type
Micathermic heaters use radiant and convection heating to supply safe, instant heat. They rely on mica and nickel alloy, which provides the heaters with exceptional electrical and mechanical strength and high temperature stability. A micathermic heater doesn't overheat easily, and it heats up twice as fast as conventional space heaters. Micathermic heaters are great for personal spaces and small rooms, as they also function as spot heaters. They are also perfect for asthma and allergy sufferers because they don't recirculate dust or other airborne particles.
Radiant Type
Radiant or quartz heaters are also spot heaters. They only heat objects, unlike other heaters that warm the air around the units. A radiant heater provides warmth that is similar to the sun's rays and uses very little energy. This portable heater is commonly used to heat people or objects in small rooms. Because radiant heaters emit a faint red glow, they are not recommended for bedrooms, as they may be bothersome when sleeping.
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