Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Space Heater this Winter


Let's face it, winter is coming whether we're ready or not, so why not consider investing in a space heater. There's  no reason to bear the long winter months feeling uncomfortably cold.

Using a space heater to maintain a comfortable room temperature is a good idea. Space heaters are great winter companions. A space heater heats rooms with ease, and offers a variety of amenities that make them a great option. So no matter what your needs are, a space heater will meet them.

Superior Warmth

A space heater is a great source of heat. Space heaters warm rooms and individual spaces quickly and efficiently. Depending on the model you choose, a space heater offers enough wattage to heat spaces as large as 500 sq. ft.


Space heaters are highly portable. You can take them anywhere. A space heater makes a great traveling companion. So not only will it heat your home well, it will provide superior warmth while you're on the road.

Use a space heater to warm your mountain cabin or beach getaway. Planning a camping trip? Benefit from a space heater during your trip. Space heaters are a great way to combat the winter cold.

Energy Saving Features

Going green? Space heaters use very little energy. They cost pennies to operate and offer energy saving features to keep energy usage down.

An adjustable thermostat helps control the wattage. A timer will turn on and off as programmed, and the energy saver mode will shut the motor off when the desired room temperature is met.

Using a space heater won't increase energy usage. These useful features offer a measure of control. So if you're looking for an eco-friendly way to stay warm this is it.

Perfect for any Room in the House

Because space heaters are portable, they can be moved from room to room with ease. A space heater is a great option for warming a bedroom, bathroom, laundry area, family room, or basement. With a space heater you can watch T.V., sleep, or wash clothes in comfort.

A space heater will reduce the winter chill and provide a comfortable living environment in minutes. There's no need to spend the long winter months battling the cold. A space heater will eradicate it effectively.

Great for the College Student

Space heaters are a great option for college students. Create a cozy home away from home with a space heater. There's a variety of models to choose from, most of which, are small enough to fit in a dorm room easily. Because a space heater is a great space-saver, it's ideal for small living spaces.

A space heater will effectively warm a dorm room or apartment quickly and efficiently. Don't bundle up in layers of clothing, struggling against the winter cold, trying to stay warm and study at the same time. Study in comfort. Use a space heater.

An Excellent Secondary Source of Heat

Already have a central heating system? A space heater is a great source of secondary heat. Because space heaters warm individual rooms and spaces effectively, you can shut your central unit off.

A central heating unit can be expensive to run. A space heater allows you to warm one room at a time, providing direct warmth where you need it most. Set it up next to the bed or near your easy chair. It will keep you warm.

Living with an old, costly wall furnace? A space heater will supplement the heat that's lacking. You don't have to sleep in sweats, pile blankets on the bed, or hook up an electric blanket to stay warm. A space heater will meet all of your needs.

Top 10 Space Heater

Most people think space heaters are expensive to buy and costly to operate. They're not. A space heater is an  affordable heating option. Most models are reasonably priced and typically priced according to the amount of watts offered.

Moreover, a space heater is affordable to use. Even though they're electric, they cost pennies to operate. The wattage is usually adjustable so you can control the amount of energy used. The amount of electricity it takes to run a space heater is minimal, making it a great source of affordable heat.

It costs more to run your primary source of heat that it does to run a space heater. Direct the heat where you need it most. A space heater will keep any space you want warm.

Easy to Operate

A space heater is easy to operate. Simply plug it in and turn it on. A typical space heater offers easy to use controls that make operation simple. Push button controls and an easy to read LCD display allow you to adjust the temperature with ease.

Some models offer automatic climate control that takes the worry of making adjustments too. Your space heater will meet the conditions of the room on its own.

No Installation Required

Depending on the model you choose, a space heater requires virtually no installation. Most space heaters offer easy setup and simple operating instructions for instant warmth. Simply follow placement instructions and turn it on. You and your family will be relaxing in warm comfort within minutes.

Provides Clean Heat

Space heaters emit no smoke or gas. So if you dislike the smell your wall furnace evokes, the smoke associated with running a fireplace, or the odor often associated with a central heating system, consider a space heater as a heating alternative.

Many models offer high efficiency filters that aid in air purification, an option that's ideal for allergy sufferers. There are no airborne irritants to deal with, and they're easy to maintain.

A Space Heater is a Great Investment

There are benefits to using an electric space heater, one of which is its cost effectiveness. Some might choose to use a space heater for its affordability. Others might choose a space heater because of the clean air quality.

No matter what your reason, investing in a space heater this winter is a great idea. A space heater creates a warm, comfortable living environment for you and your family.

Space heaters are an ideal heating option and have the ability to make winter a great season.

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