Tips for Staying Warm this Winter with a Room Heater


Staying warm is no easy task; thankfully, there are ways to make it easier. A portable heating system supplies enough heat to warm individual rooms and spaces.

On average they warm up to 150 sq. ft. of space. This is a significant area. A room heater with 1500 watts of heating power will keep a 12 x 12 size room warm. Need to warm a larger area? There are options to keep family size rooms warm, too.

Below is a list of tips to help you stay warm and cozy this winter. Following this guide can help you make good choices and create a living environment you can enjoy.

How do you Plan to Use Your Heater?

Not everyone uses this type of space heater in the same way, so we pose this question to help make a differentiation.

Do you plan to use this heating method as a supplemental or primary heat source? Making this decision will help you determine the best way to increase warmth in your home.

Supplemental Heat

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If you have central heating but there are cold spots in the home that you want to eliminate, there's a heater to make it easier. If you have a room that's not connected to the heating ducts - maybe it's a laundry room or spare bedroom - a portable space heater will provide enough warmth to eliminate the chill.

Our Suggestions:

Fan Heater: A fan heater draws air into the unit, moves it over a heat element, and then blows it back out around the room. This option spreads heat evenly in a quick manner.

Many of these types of heaters are ceramic. They're typically small, lightweight and easy to transport from room to room.

As a supplemental source of heat they're perfect. A good place to set this unit is near a window, so it can capture the cold air and replace it with warm air before it enters the room.

Convection Heater: Choose one without a fan. A convection heater without the fan is safest around small family members. The heating elements are almost completely enclosed making it a great option for anyone with children or pets.

This model, an oil-filled radiator or liquid filled baseboard heater, doesn't heat as quickly but once the room is warmed it retains heat longer when turned off. Turn it on about an hour before bed and it will keep you warm through the night.

Radiant & Infrared Heater:If you're looking for a way to feel comfortable while watching T.V., then a radiant or infrared heating system is best.

Unlike convection and fan heaters, radiant  heaters flood the immediate area with warmth. Use this model for a short period of time to take the chill off the space you're occupying.

Primary Heat

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It's hard to stay warm when you don't have a built-in heating system. If this is your scenario, then I have a few helpful tips for you.

There are two types of these heaters that are more effective. Let's review them first, and after, we'll review a few simple tips for retaining warmth in the home too.

Our Suggestions:

Fan-Forced Convection Heater: A fan-forced convection heating system warms spaces evenly and circulates the air at the same time. My advice is to first purchase a unit for the main part of the home.

Spending time in the family room watching television, playing games, or visiting with friends needs to be a comfortable experience. A great example of this type of heating is the electric fireplace.

An electric fireplace can warm up to 400 sq. ft. of space. It looks great, adding character to your main living room, and creates a cozy environment your family will enjoy. Take pleasure in the realistic flame and stay warm at the same time.

Convection Heating: Because oil-filled convection heaters are great heat retainers, they're perfect for bedrooms. When the thermostat reaches the desired temperature and shuts off, the heater continues to radiate warmth.

With a fan-forced unit, the room get colder almost immediately, a distinct difference that makes an oil-filled option ideal for overnight heating.

Because this room heater meets a desired room temperature and maintains room warmth longer it's more efficient too. It'll turn on and off less frequently.

Additional Tips for Room Heating Success

Insulation: Insulate your home. Ceiling insulation helps maintain a better indoor temperature.

Draft Proofing: Check all windows and doors to make sure they're properly sealed. If you feel cold air coming though, try weather stripping. It's easy to use and you can buy it at your local hardware store. This will keep the cold air out and the warm air in.

Cover Floors: One of the coldest parts of the home is the floor. If you don't have carpet installed, using rugs throughout the home can keep hard floors warm.

Windows: Cover windows with drapes. Placing drapes over the windows and blinds helps keep the cold air out too.

Open Shades: Open the shades during the day and use the natural sun as a heat source. Let the sun peak through the blinds and keep you warmer.

Winter Bed Linens: Warm up your beds with flannel sheets, extra blankets (heated or unheated), and a good comforter. Summer and winter linens differ, especially in areas where it snows.

Ceiling Fan: Hard to believe right? A ceiling fan designed to rotate in reverse, draws cold air up toward the ceiling. Moreover, ceiling fans circulate the air and will help the heater spread warmth around the room.

Cook at Home: A great way to increase warmth in the home is to simply stay home and cook. Make cookies; enjoy homemade soup, or lasagna. The oven helps increase warmth in the home.

Warmer Clothing: Scooting around the house in slippers and sweats will help. Dress in layers. And once you've warmed the space, you can take them off.

A Couple More Things to Remember

Close the doors between heated and unheated areas, and only heat the room you're actually using, doing so helps keep energy costs down and creates a barrier between heated and unheated spaces. Don't waste money heating a space that won't retain warmth.

Ideally, this information provides a basis for winter heating that's helpful. Don't spend the winter feeling cold and uncomfortable, especially at home.

Invest in a individual heating system and benefit from superior indoor warmth. Following these tips will make your room heaters more effective.

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