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The infrared heater is a heavyweight contender for the title of "Best Space Heater." Although this heater is a small man by stature, his huge personality shines through without the aid of fancy showmanship.

An infrared heater always has one of two distinct personality types: direct and indirect.

Heater Types

Modesty is not the modus operandi of the direct heating system. Rather than take a roundabout approach, direct models utilize the power of the sun, sending powerful punches of infrared lightwaves directly to the chin and other chilled areas of a person's body.

This warms a person without any thermal heat loss, making the strategy 100% energy efficient. The downside to the direct heating methhod is that it can only undertake heating smaller areas and a limited number of people at a time.

One to one, the indirect infrared heater is a champ, but in a rumble it might surely be out for the count.

The indirect heating method, by comparison, plays a more straightforward game. A room full of people could run from this burley space heater, but they certainly couldn't hide.

Rather than directly emitting infrared lightwaves, these heaters feature three separate components to form a winning combination: an infrared light bulb, heat exchanger, and built-in fan.

By integrating the fan into its technique, an indirect unit can warm an entire room of people all at once. For impressive whole-room coverage, this option is the real McCoy.

Heater Features


When we're comparing one type of infrared heating system to another, it's not enough to simply look at the power rating or coverage area alone. There's an entire list of important safety, technology, and specialty aspects for each heater to be considered before judging true performance.

When you're looking for a champion unit the top specs to look for include:

When looking at each contenders stats check for at least one of these features, this is especially important if you share a home with small family members, like children or pets.

So bearing in mind their varying qualities, which heater out there is the best pound for pound space heater available? Let's compare 4 infrared models on the market to find out.

Meet the Contenders


First up is the Duraflame 10HM2273-W505 and RedCore 15602 R-4.

Name: RedCore 15602 R-4 infrared heater
Heater Type: Indirect
Fight Style: Electric Fireplace Stove

Name: Duraflame 10HM2273-W505 infrared heater
Heater Type: Indirect
Fight Style: Portable Indoor 

Comparing these two fighters is difficult since both provide up to 1,000 square feet of full-room cover, are remote controllable, have a digital thermostat, and come backed by a 3 year manufacturer's warranty.

The most important difference between these two?

The RedCore starts off boasting 3 heat settings and 23 hour timer. The Duraflame knocks out the RedCore with its strategic overheat protection and legendary automatic shut-off switch! Not to mention the cool touch housing, which is essentially a great safety feature.

Next up is the Soleus MS-09 and the UFO UK-1500.

Name: Soleus MS-09 infrared heater
Heater Type: Direct
Fight Style: Space Heater

Name: UFO UK-1500 infrared heater
Heater Type: Direct
Fight Style: Space Heater

The Soleus heater boasts safety features like automatic shut off  and overheat protection, but the UFO fights back with its digital controls, extensive warranty and 5 heat settings. The UFO features many amenities like a extended timer, remote control, and full room coverage.

The battle between these two heaters is ongoing and the outcome is based on your personal needs. If you have pets and children then safety is probably your primary concern, of not, then you might appreciate the convenient remote control and multiple heat settings instead.  

Choosing an infrared heating method to meet your needs isn't too hard. Simply know how they work and choose one based on the features you find most important. If safety is your primary concern then be sure th eheater you choose has overheat protection and tip over safety. If coverage is your concern then be sure to select an option with an extended reach.

There are so many options available all of which are guaranteed to meet specific needs. They're great space heaters and extrememly effective. 

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