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Endless Summer and UniFlame are both subsidiaries of the Blue Rhino company, which was established in 1994 in North Carolina by Billy Prim. Prim started his company with propane cylinder exchanges, an idea he borrowed from a gas station in Paris.

Now, 15 years later, Blue Rhino is able to stay on top of the propane tank exchange business while also being known as a leading designer and manufacturer of different types of outdoor heaters and barbeque grills under various brands, including UniFlame and Endless Summer.

A Large Selection in Outdoor Heating Products

Instead of staying inside during the bitter, cold days, you can decide to relax outdoors on your backyard or patio with a heater from Endless Summer or UniFlame. In fact, these two brands are the leaders and top innovators of outdoor heating, and their products include:

With this large selection of products, it's no wonder that Blue Rhino is able to remain a leading manufacturer in the heating business.

UniFlame Outdoor Products

EWUR730SP Image1
Outdoor/Indoor Options

UniFlame provides a great selection of products that are useful for those who want to stay outdoors and - contrary to popular belief - indoors! Unlike other Blue Rhino heaters, some UniFlame heaters can be used inside your house or on your patio!

The EWUR730SP floor lamp heater is designed to be used outdoors, it uses electricity (in contrast to the Endless Summer propane patio heaters) so it can also be used indoors! It provides over 4,000 BTUs of heat to keep you warm and comfortable during the cold winter days and nights.

Popular Outdoor Wood-Burning Fireplaces
WAD820SP Image1

Outdoor wood-burning fireplaces are one of the most popular products that are sold by UniFlame. These units provide a nice, warm flame in a fire bowl that is protected by a mesh spark guard that keeps ash, soot, and sparks inside the fireplace. The WAD820SP 34-inch outdoor wood-burning fireplace features a lovely slate and marble design that keeps your patio or backyard looking stylish while it keeps you feeling warm and comfortable.

There are many other great fireplacedesigns, so you can choose a model that will look great with your home and outdoor area. These fireplaces can fit up to 4 logs at a time and last an extremely long time, as they are made of durable and sturdy metals. They are easy to clean and maintain, making your heating experience as efficient as it can be!

Enhance Your Heating Experience
203445 Image1

UniFlame also features products that enhance your heating experience - they have products such as leather fireplace gloves that offer protection against any potential burns or scalding. Log racks that hold large amounts of wood without making your floors full of dirt and debris that logs carry in.

UniFlame even offers 15 pounds of Fatwood that will keep any fire going! These non-toxic, eco-friendly logs can even be bundled up with a heavy weight canvas log tote! With these heating accessories, UniFlame makes starting (and keeping) a fire easier than ever.

Endless Summer Outdoor Patio Heaters

Propane Patio Heaters

Endless Summer is mostly known for its production of outdoor patio heaters that run on liquid propane gas. This type of fuel is extremely efficient because propane heaters use the heat from combustion to directly heat the space around the unit through convection.

Though these outdoor patio heaters may not be suitable for indoor use due to carbon monoxide emissions, they are perfect for well-vented areas such as patios, backyards, decks, and even outdoor commercial areas! Propane heaters are very cost effective and energy efficient.

Small Table-Top Heaters
ES-62900 Image1

The 62900 table top patio heater is an excellent choice for you if you want to place a smaller patio heater closer to you and your company. This table top patio heater only weighs 23 pounds, making it extremely easy to move around.

It only holds a one lb. tank of liquid propane at a time, but it actually comes with an adapter and a hose that allows you to connect the unit to a 20 lb. tank if you need more heat - about 158 extra hours of heat, to be exact!

Because these table top patio heaters are compact and lightweight, you can take them virtually anywhere! That includes camping and fishing trips, as well.

Large Industrial Heaters
ES-9209SP Image1

For larger (perhaps commercial) applications, you should take a look at the ES-9209SP outdoor patio heaters. These heaters offer more than twice as much heat- in fact, they add an extra 10 ft. radius of heat in every direction compared to the table top patio heaters!

Endless Summer units don't take up as much space as other brands', but they are still fairly large. To make portability even easier, they offer a wheel kit to move your patio heater from one side of your patio to another.

Durable Design

All of Endless Summer's patio heaters are made of stainless steel, so they are extremely durable and they will last for a long time! They are made to withstand almost any type of weather, but you can make sure your patio heater lasts longer with a heater cover! These covers offer easy-to-use zippers and durable material for long-term use. They will not only protect your patio heater from the weather, but from bugs and insects as well!

Additionally, all Endless Summer heaters feature an automatic safety shut-off switch that turns off the unit if it is tilted. This keeps you and your family safe by preventing any unforeseen accidents!

You Can't Go Wrong With One of These Heaters

Purchase an outdoor heater from UniFlame or Endless Summer today to get warm and comfortable outdoor heating for a great price!

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