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From its beginning Vornado has been improving the design of air flow products, making them more and more efficient. 

The company has a very interesting history that from the start was based around improving design. That's why, even today, their heaters, fans and humidifiers stand out from their competitors.

The History of Vornado

Though the new Vornado heating company was only founded about 20 years ago, Vornado fans have been in use since the 1940s.

From the company's website you'll learn that it really all began in the 1920's when Ralph K. Odor had a vision to improve aircraft design by experimenting with the aerodynamics of propeller planes. Ralph developed many successful prototypes even getting many of them patented. He then realized that he could use his design to improve the efficiency of electric fans, which at the time dominated the air circulating industry. It was then that Ralph met entrepreneur O.A. Sutton refining his fan concept. 

Unfortunately, they had to delay their plans of manufacturing their product till after World War II since resources were limited. So it wasn't till the late 1940's that the first Vornado fans were finally produced.


Eventually, with the invention and development of the air conditioner, fans were put into storage and the company was shut down. Americans believed fans were a thing of the past. However, this was not the case. Customers realized that fans and small heaters could provide a great supplemental source for their existing climate control systems, providing more even temperature distribution using very little energy.

More than 30 years later, Michael C. Coup founded the new Vornado company that produced more advanced versions of the original fans. Since then, the company has developed a reputation for quality air comfort products such as air circulators, air purifiers, room heaters, and oscillating fans.

To this very day, the company is known as one of the most trusted brands in the heating and cooling industries.

What Makes Vornado Heaters Special?

Most heaters only warm areas right in front of the units, making the rest of the room cold and drafty. Vornado heating technology is unique to the brand - each fan and heater offers four features that make Vornado a well-trusted household name:

AVH2 Image4
  1. Inlet Air Accelerator: Models each feature a specially sized inlet that increases the volume of air moved per blade rotation; this captures more air from the room and keeps it circulated. Instead of taking hours to cool down an entire room they can heat up bedrooms and small offices within minutes!
  2. Deep Pitch Blade: These heaters maximize the amount of air moved with the deep pitch blade. With this special blade, Vornado products quickly and easily circulate both the cold and hot air to keep the entire room warm instead of only a small area in front of the unit. The blades also make sure that all the heaters operate silently to prevent disruption of your indoor environment!
  3. Fully Ducted Blade: Heaters use fully-ducted deep pitch blades to blast the warm air through both the hot and the cold zones. The fully enclosed blades are placed in a cylindrical duct to shoot the spiral beam of air throughout the entire room.
  4. AirTensity Grill: Unlike other electric space heaters, Vornado units feature a patented spiral grill that features not only a unique design, but also a unique function. The warm air travels longer distances through the room for true whole room circulation, allowing units to heat larger rooms faster.

Other Great Features

The electric heaters made by Vornado all feature Multi-Level Safety, so you know that you can use these units in homes with small children or pets as well! In fact, most of the other units feature tip-over protection that automatically shuts off the heater if the unit gets knocked over to prevent any electrical hazards. Additionally, these heaters are cool to the touch so curious hands are safe from being burnt!

The Legacy Continues

Customers can continue to look to Vornado to be the leaders in innovation. They've had high standards since the very start of the company. By always looking to improve design for more efficiency you can expect more from a Vornado product. Their engineers are always in the process of designing better products for the next generation raising industry standards.

Purchase a Vornado heater and know that your purchasing a superior quality product!

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