5 Reasons a Wall Heater Keeps You Perfectly Warm & Cozy


An efficient heater is essential to the comfort, safety, and well-being of your household. From people to their pets, keeping warm is a number one priority when the weather outside isn't so delightful.

On the other hand, you can only do so much to keep your family toasty before you start to notice the arrival of soaring heating bills!

If you want to enjoy the best of both worlds, a wall heater is an excellent choice, whether at home or in the office.

5 Reason to Choose a Wall Heater

Space heaters, infrared heaters, oil filled heaters, oh my! Feeling overwhelmed with the plethora of choices? Sometimes, youcan have too much of a good thing. A wall heater, however, stands out among the crowd.

There are many types of wall heaters out there, but a smart choice is an electric wall heater. There are many positive things to say about these types of heaters, but mainly there are five chief reasons why they are better than the rest:

1. Comfort

There's a reason why the wall heater is also called the "comfort heater." They have a fan added to the heating element, thus creating assisted air movement.

The rapid, circulated air hits the heater's surface much more quickly than a convection heater would, prompting the heater to release more heat into the room. This also creates warmth faster so that you'll be able to enjoy it sooner rather than later.

The unit's assisted air circulates the heat over substantial distances and is ideal for heating larger areas versus spot heating. Thus, a wall heater brings better, faster, comfort to you plus your guests and family.

Wall heaters are also recess-installed, meaning they will not bulge out, which looks tacky! They are slight, slender heaters that often blend right into the scenery. A comfortable home is also a home that's clear of clutter.

2. Economy


Installed on interior walls instead of exterior walls, these heaters get better insulation. This saves your home the pain of energy loss. Of course, like any heater, a wall heater will be optimized in a home with insulated double-pane windows, as well.

Heaters that are installed on exterior walls lose heat and make that wall more difficult to insulate, resulting in a double loss.

Unlike central home heating systems, the wall heater can be switched on and off in individual rooms at individual times. If your family is enjoying a night together watching a movie, there is no need to heat the kitchen, bedrooms, and baths when no one is in them.

Turn these units on right when you intend to use a room. This will save you big bucks each month. Plus, as noted above, a wall heater will quickly fill your space with heat making the need to "pre-heat" a room unnecessary.   

In addition, most electric wall heaters will come equipped with a programmable thermostat. The thermostat will allow you to preset your indoor conditions, giving your wall heater instructions for the day.

By simply turning down your thermostat to, say 68° F, you'll be saving big bucks each year. The Consumer Energy Center says that for every degree lower you set your thermostat, between the 60° F to 70° F, you save up to five percent on costs! This is potentially much more, depending on your local utility provider.

3. Safety

The thing to note about safety is: not all wall heaters are manufactured equally! When searching for your specific wall heater consider these safety tips before buying.

4. Health

SSC4008 Image1

Are electric wall heaters a healthy choice for you and your family? This can often be a tough choice and often comes down to your own decision. Only you know the specific needs of your family. However, for the most part a wall heater is a perfectly healthy choice of heating.

Environmentally, the electric wall heater emits no dangerous chemicals into the home or atmosphere, meaning less air pollution. As long as you monitor your heating responsibly (ie. lowering the temperature on the thermostat) these units can be a healthy, environmentally suitable choice.

This article has been discussing the important points of traditional electric wall heaters, however, should you or a loved one suffer from breathing complications (such as asthma or severe allergies) a healthier alternative is the ceramic wall heater.

Instead of a fan, a ceramic wall heater utilizes radiant heat. Fans can agitate an allergy sufferer's symptoms, especially in a pet home, by disturbing pet dander or dust and causing it to flow into the air.  Radiant heat will not move air, but it will also not be as fast or effective in heating large areas.

5. Power

As stated above, wall heaters are powerful and effective methods of heating large rooms, yet still provide the convenience of single room heating.

Each heater is factory wired to perform at its maximum wattage potential.  Some heaters are installed with a neat feature that allows you to change the wattage to a lower output.

You can do this with most any unit by moving the jumper wire - it only takes a few minutes for skilled hands - but wall heaters like the Q-Mark series make it easy. Adjust wattage to save energy when all you need to be is toasty, not roasted. Please not you should only make adjustments if you're experienced with wiring. Otherwise, you can always find someone with experience that can do it for you.

Find the Right Wall Heater for You

Now you know all the reasons why wall heaters are great options for any room in your home. You can browse the large selection and find one that is just right for all the spaces you and your family wish to keep warm and cozy.

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